November 9th, 2000


Tastless nakies and more

You remember that company that makes those Chocolate Oranges? They're the orange-sized, orange-shaped chocolate candies that have a hint of orange in chocolate...sort of.. Well, As much as I really love those.. they make raspberry ones now. They're still orange-shaped (Those are sure fun to THWAP...) but have a hint of raspberry instead of orange... much yummy..
I'm also working on updating my page. I'm making a really tasteless cel collection.. pictures of really dirty cels ^..^ and beleive me.. I have some good ones.. heh...I was also thinking about making a menu...but decided against it for reasons of taste. I don't even know where I'd put it... but I was thinking abut making a totally tasteless menu where you click on parts of a Semi-Naked Yoshiki picture... but again.. decided against it for reasons of taste.
I think I'm getting a little better w/Photoshop, but not as good as I'd like to be with it. We have Photoshop LE, and some day, I want to be adept with all the advanced features ^..^
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