November 5th, 2000


Fudge Browine low-fat Ben&Jerry's and a bunny from hell

If you guys find yourselves bored, you should go to the webpage it's a comic strip that's absolutely hilarious. Start at the beginning, though..otherwise you'll probably be a bit lost. you should be able to scroll down and select the first book or somthing. It's really good, though, IMHO.
I spent the majority of the day playing more PS2 games. There's a really catchy snowboarding game that I've been playing for the past two days. I HATE sports games, but this one is different....It's damn hard, though.
I also had to go grocery shopping today. the HEB was packed, as usual... I felt like killing someone. I really don't think that a person should have to run up and down isles and grab whatever's left and hope you like eating it. I personally like to shop for my food. It's especially frustrating when you have a list... and there's a bunch of people in front of you that don't know what they're doing, and they drive their carts really really really slow... and zigzag and stop suddenly... and you never get what you want... and the check-out people are incompetant >..< ARRGHHH
In other news... I won my bid on a MaliceMizer doijinshi. It's a clean, no-yaoi douj, and for me, that's refreshing. Unfortunately, if I had thought of it sooner, I would have had Melissa try to find one for me, instead of bidding on one on Ebay. Lately, it seems like everyone watches what they want, and then when there is only 1 minute left, they keep bidding until they win the item. It's frustrating, because I can't always check ebay every hour to see if I've been outbid... I suppose that's why I got the MM Douj. for my max. bid ammount... kind of depressing when you look at how much I was willing to spend when I have a freind in Japan... ::sigh:: I should have been thinking more >:/ Oh well
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