November 2nd, 2000


Return from exile...or somthing

You know that you can't choose the emotion "reflective" when you want to choose your emotion? Just a thought....
In any case.. the rush that was my favorite holiday is now over.. and I have quite a bit to tell you.
My Kyo cosplay outfit went well... I'm rather fond of the outfit now, in fact. I want to wear it all the time... but first I need to get a good pair of leather pants. Wearing the skirt is nice, but my legs hurt by the end of the night because they kept rubbing together >..< Everyone said I had a good costume...oh well. I suppose that's good, but it would have been better if someone understood, ne? Well...on the other hand.. I don't want J-Rock becoming that mainstream. It makes more room for the shallow people, and I don't want that. If that means never truly being appreciated, I'll accept that. It's my sacrifice to keep my insterests holy to me.
I really want to show you the pictures I took of my Kyo-pumpkin and my Kyo-self. I'll have to download the digital camera's photos onto the hard drive and perhaps upload them onto my website, or perhaps put them in the Cult of Kyo (CoK) egroups folder for everyone to see. The one frustrating part is getting the whiteface right. I've tried lots of different makeups, and can't seem to find a good combination. Morbid Makeup makes a like of stark white powders and liquid foundations, but they arn't very good. I actually found somthing that works ok...but it doesn't make your face white. It lightens the shade of your skin quite a bit. It was a cheap K-mart clown makeup. If I could find some way to make the makeup thick without running and smearing unevenly, I'd be happy. It was ok this year, I suppose.... With my new jacket, however, it made it difficult to wear the bloody gauze on my wrists. I'll have to do somthing else next time, I suppose. Perhaps I can get the CoK shaped up by the summer and get us a promotional spot at A-Kon this summer. I need to make certain I'm going before I do anything like that, though....
Damon& BJ came by last night after work.. I was afraid that they would steal all the winecoolers I spent the last of my cash on. Most of the guys tend to be heavy drinkers. Thankfully, however, they didn't notice at all, and therefore I kept them. The reason I had them, however, is a whole other story....
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Winecoolers and tracheotomies...and I can't spell

After I left work on Halloween, I decided to offer my three remaining winecoolers to the guests at home. There really was no halloween party, but my room mate and her ex-room mate came over to the house after work. I had three yummy fuzzy navel winecoolers left, and Adonia took one right away while my current room mate hesitated. Well, That alone exhausted my alcohol supply, so I persuaded 'Lil Bitch to hop down to the store and buy some more for us, since we had open containers in our hands and couldn't go with him ^..^*** We kept offering him stuff, including ice cream, halloween candy and other things, but he wouldn't take anything... In any case, we got three more packs of winecoolers...and didn't get thru 3 Too tired to stay up, I suppose. In any case, Adonia's current room mate is a frail girl with glasses that seems to have a few health problems... Don't know why, though. She's really thin, has one of those breathing tubes in her throat, and is apparently taking seizure meds. Well, at work last night, I asked how Adonia was, for her lack of speech the previous night had me worried. Adonia turned out to be ok--just tired... Her room mate, on the other hand, told me that if she had known that drinking would be involved, she would have been there straight away. I was kind of shocked...for a few different reasons
1) she's really frail
2) She's taking seizure meds, and probably shouldn't be consuming alcohol
3) she's never hung out with us as a group before, nor really shown interest to do so in teh past
4) I was the one that paid for everything... she apparently didn't want to hang out with us before she found out about the winecoolers, and afterwards, she said she wished she was there..

Kind of depressing, I think.. I don't know... I personally don't think that drinking in any way, shape, or form is that big of an idea... Maybe she was trying to make herself seem "cool" or "hip" or whatever.. or maybe she's a freeloader and didn't care that I paid for everything out of my own pocket... I dunno. She's a nice enough girl, and I like her and all.. but that just kind of disturbed me a little bit... >..< Why is alcohol, even if it is somthing as mild as a WHINEcooler such a big deal? Grarrhhhh

I wonder if Pleur is as good as they were when they were D'avid...??
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