October 29th, 2000


Strange day of strange events....::sigh::

Something weird always happens on the day where we travel back in time, ne? We're not actually revisiting ourselves, but it sounds more romantic that way. I ment to make this post on Sat., but there were so many people at the house, they took up all the comps on the network to play videogames, and I'm writing this at 2:17 which is now 1:17. Ho hum. In any case, I won 1st place in the student worker pumpkin-painting contest....not surprising given there wern't more than three entries...but anyways... I'm still happy about it. The topic of my pumpkin was... guess..
Kyo. I'll probably UL a picture after I get one. It doesn't look too much like kyo, but it's cute.
The other major item of the day (aside from having 7 people over at the house- 2 nice freinds, 2 exes, and three people I didn't even know) was teh phone call I got at the first 1:00 am... it was for me, I guess.. it was to this phone number.. in any case, this girl was speaking very softly, and I couldn't hear her too well. It sounded like she was asking for *me*.. now, I asked her to repeat herself, but I couldn't make out what she was saying... it sounded like my last name... and my last name isn't that common. I told her that I thought she had the wrong number.. .her voice was so soft and almost kind of sad or worried sounding. She asked if it was ***-**** (My phone number :P) and I said it was... she said "ok" and hung up. It wasn't until the moment that I hung the phone up that I began thinking about the call.. Only three people really know my number at Matt's house, and would have reason to call at 1 am- My parents (or whomever they would give this number to in case of emergency) My roommate in the dorms (Whome I had finished speaking to just a while ago) and Matt, who I talked to before and after the strange call... Which makes me think it might be somthing bad to be worried about. The sad fact is.. it's so late at night, I couldn't call home to find out. I guess I'll have to call them in the morning and see if they called. I mean, if it was somthing important from school or work or otherwise, they would have called at a more reasonable hour. I'm pretty worried about it, actually...I'm almost positive that she was saying my last name. Can't bet on the first name.. but almost definitely the last name.. which leads me to another question.. Why did I tell her she had the wrong number if she had the right one all along? I hope it's nothing for me to worry about........but I can't help but worry....
What a vicious circle. I think I need some sleep.
More on the strange encounter with many people tomorrow, probably.
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Bloody hell ::burp::

Even though I had stayed up until 2 o'clock until it immediately turned back to 1'oclock, and then to 1:45.. and even though I was really worried, I managed to get some good sleep. I wanted to go to Wal-Mart and look for a pencil thin black tie, but I couldn't find one. Then.. I figured I'd get a big black one and shred it and wear it like Kyo does.. but I found a black silk tie that's shimmery (but a little thicker than I'd like) and decided to wear it as-is. I still need a nice leather jacket. I think I may go to the RAVE tomorrow, and see if I can't find a cheapass one that would work with my Kyoplay on tuesday...
Well.. the whole going about and shopping thing happened after some of the more interesting events of the day-- I called my mom and found out that everything at home is all right after all.. which makes me all the more curious about the mystery phone call at 1 somthing AM last night. Maybe it was someone from the residence association trying to catch me living somewhere other than the dorms? If so, my trusty spider sense must have gone off, making me tell her I had the wrong ##... or it could have been somthing else entirely...Oh well.. at least I know everyone that's important to me right now is ok.
I also went to Cathay House (Yummy Yummy local chineese restaurant) and ate at the lunch buffet. These guys are awesome. They only do the buffet once a week (Sunday for lunch) but it's really really good. Yumm
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Pa Pe Pi Po Pu

I just scribbled a SD Kyo! wai wai! I think I'll try to show him to you... heh ^..^ There's only a slight problem... I don't know how to UL pictures to my posts.. maybe only paying members can do that? Not a clue.. oh yeah... and since we moved, the scanner hasn't been hooked back up. I should probably figure that out otherwise I can't even scan Kyo!

Have you ever had one of those days.. one of those rare days where, if just for a while... you forget about what's bothering you.. you forget about paying off thousands of dollars of debt, and forget about your health problems, etc, and just feel good? This afternoon, I think I had that. I rarely have days where it just feels good to be alive, but I think today was one of those. I'm not nessesarily saying I'm just depressed to the point of suicide all those other times.. I'm not... However... I usually feel the weight of one thing or another on me, and living is taxing. Today, I felt good. I felt reasonably healthy... wasn't worried about school.. didn't have any sense of impending doom (as opposed to normal..heh) and felt... optimistic. It was like I knew I was going to get somthing good in the mail, or I was going to get a new toy. Ok.. sure, I'm almost 21, but I still like a good toy. My toys now are things like J-rock CDs& mags, Manga, new anime, plush dolls, or even the prospect of getting a new article of clothing. This doesn't count the cotton undies I bought at Wal-Mart today :P Actually, I've been thinking of being a bit more dressy than the normal baggy jeans and a T-shirt. I want to go back to the burgundy silk shirts and tapestry vests I used to wear. Since my freshman year in college, I've felt like being a frump, but I think I'm going back to my old ways... You need to realize this, though. I CAN'T Lol. I MUST have a pretty, tailored leather jacket, but I can't afford a 100 dollar coat at the moment.. so I think I'm going to go to the RAVE in the mall. I saw a 20 dollar clearance item that was kinda cheap, but will do the trick for halloween. One day, though, I hope to find somthing more permanent and beautiful. Which brings me to the next topic... I feel like blowing up all the posers that inhabit hot Topics, and making them clear out all the Limp Bizkit, Korn and cheapass "goth" crap out of that store. I think it's a really cool store, but they sell a lot of cheapass crap at expensive prices. You, too can wrap 4 inches of your body in see-through gauze and pay 150 bucks for it and call it a gothic "dress" Grr. And the "real" dresses are so shoddy! I understand what the store aims to do... but I dunno.. ::sighs:: One must have their peeves, I suppose...
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