October 26th, 2000


RG Veda

A funny thing happened today... I FINALLY got the RG Veda manga I won on ebay. I won the bid in JUNE and it took almost HALF A YEAR to get here. The experience was almost as bad as the one I had with TokyoPOP(Who, incidentally, are hentai bastards who like pop groups and hate J-Rock--I'm a published author now b/c they printed my hate mail) she kept saying that she would re-send and whatever... it finally came in today, and it wasn't even in a box. The 10 manga set was wrapped in a comic-book type bad and then covered with a paper bag and taped together. The bag didn't even cover all the manga, and the bag itself got torn up pretty good on the way here. Oh well.. the manga's in decent condition.. and 8 of the 10 manga are first printing.. kind of surprising when the first volume is over 10 years old. I'm just glad I finally got it, ne?

Also... HOLY CRAP! All of you need to see somthing insane... Go to ebay (www.ebay.com...duh) and search for "Playstation2" The PS2 was released today, and to get it completely set up w/controllers and everything will run you 400 bucks... BUT since Sony was unable to build the 1 mil they promised, and was left to distribute 500 thousand amongst the whole nation there was a severe deficit.. you'll see them going on ebay right now for about 900 bucks a pop. Pretty crazy, huh?
My ex said that at midnight last night, there were lines of people (sometimes as many as 50-100 peeps) waiting outside places like Best Buy and Toys R Us so that they might get a chance to buy one as soon as the store opens. I almost wish I was there to laugh at them. Oh well... looks like I'll have to wait a while before I get mine....The hell like I'm paying 1,300.oo for a damn videogame console!! You can get a new computer w/an athelon chip for that kinda $$
I really want to play tekken tag, though....::sigh:: ^..^***
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