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I returned back from A-kon last night, and checked email. You people were pretty quiet all weekend, which is kinda surprizing.. so I didn't have a lot of entries to check up on. (And really, it's not because everyone went to A-kon :P Most of you guys didn't or don't go)
So, I passed out around 6 or 7 pm last night and slept until 11:30 this morning, and now I'm feeling much more rested.
I will probably post more about my experiences at the con later. A lot happened! I like being involved in the con, and I was pretty damn involved this year.
A-kon is my big con of the year, but it was such a pain in the ass this year, I'm wondering if I'm going to go back next year. After hotel & the money I usually spend in the dealers room, I have to decide for myself if it's worth it to me to spend that much money and then deal with some of the crap that happened. (Parking was a major issue. We paid for parking in a kind of ghetto parking lot. It was 18 bucks for the whole weekend. We gave the guy a 20 and called it even. When we came back on Sun, our car was still there, but someone had glued some nasty paper shit all over the window, and we got some sort of ticket from the parking lot saying we owed 50 bucks)
Anyway.. yeah. At least the hotel didn't LOSE our room this year. (That's happened at A-kon the past two years.. even WITH confirmation codes.)

So.. I'm still tired, and I have a lot of post-con crap to take care of. I need to unpack and get anything out that will wrinkle beyond recognition. Then I have to make sure all my makeup brushes are very clean. (I may not have done such a great job at the con because I was in a hurry to make the next scheduled event in time)

Sasuga books was in the dealer's room. I am poor :O

Got some cool stuff though.

Advanced through the 1st step of a 12 step program over the weekend. I admit I have a problem, and that problem is the fact that I am now a fan of Naruto (I say this after watching 70 episodes and saying "This series kinda sucks, and I hate almost all the characters, and I hate the recaps, unedited flashbacks, and massive ninja move explanations")

Costumes went well.. forgot to wear 1 peice of almost every costume, though, which stunk.. but I will be wearing them all again later, so it's ok.

But yeah. Time to get off the comp.


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