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I've been busy tonight!
Ray and I went to the mall first thing in the morning to search for white lace stockings. FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!
I visited every department store, and they all had the same thing. Dillard's had the best selection.. TONS better than Victoria's secret.. who amazingly didn't have anything lacy.
I ended up getting somthing from the bargain bin at Dillard's that doesn't look 100% accurate, but it will be better than nothing, or attempting to apply white cake makeup all over my arms...
ANYWAY. Dillards is a horrible place. They had a Prescriptives counter. Since Puu wanted everyone typed, I went ahead and did it. It was actually kind of fun, and they made me look great with just foundation. So.. since I really liked the foundation, I bought some. It was a lot more expensive than I was expecting.. but I can pretty much throw away all other bases, powders, creams, etc that I own. Just flesh/natural foundation stuff.
They also wrote down what I bought, and the stuff I looked at & liked, so if I ever go back, they'll have me on record. I won't be going back for a long time, though, because 30 bucks for a compact is livin' really freakin' rich. The stuff I got is specially formulated for my skin tone, and has somthing special in it that apparently photographs a lot better than regular foundations. It doesn't look as shiny, and softens the face.. and other makeup CRAP like that.
Yeah. After she got the foundation done, I looked at lipsticks, and saw some reds I kind of liked. She wanted to put them on me, but I was like "noooo.. not a makeup person!" And.. that really mustn't have made ANY sense considering the ammount of money I dropped on foundation. (Yes, I like my max factor creme stick, but it looks too orangy)
They didn't have a shade light enough for my skin tone. I was kind of surprised... because while I'm pale, there are people I know who don't have nearly as much pink in their skin as I do.
Oh yeah.. I found out I'm a Blue/Red. XD That's my SPESHUL CULOR KODE

So.. got back from a grueling trip to the mall (Got about 60 bucks worth of manga for about 35.00. Yay conglomorate discount!)
Then I worked on Yukari while watching Returner. I successfully managed to install the collar... and sewed the lining to the kimono inside out. FUCK.
That really sucked. I stubbornly ripped the sideseams and sewed them the right way, and said screw it to the shoulder and sleeve hems. I was NOT going to take the collar out after working on lining everything up and sewing it all XD

Ray kicked ass on my wings today.. which leaves me Yukari Kimono (gotta hem the bottom) and Yukari Skirt (Install zipper and waist band)
Yu~ki skirt (super easy) and bracelets (also easy)
Uh... loops on the top hat& pack. Didn't do the Dominique stuff.
Then.. I guess I need to pack. There's really not much left to do. Packing will take a while, and I've committed to grocery shopping tonight. So.. I will be very tired at the con tomorrow, but everything will be done, look great, and I've got a very nice foundation to cover up the circles under my eyes.

Oh.. and I also have to dye my hair brighter red and VEET the hell out of my legs XD
For those of you going to A-kon.. haul your asses to Iron Cosplay or ELSE!


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