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Yu~ki: 95% finished!
Cane/rod: Done!
Jacket: Almost done! (Gotta hem the collar so the feathers don't poke me. Hi Mr. Bias tape!)
Skirt: need to make. This will be SUPER simple
Wig: Done!
Feathered Bracelets: These are going to be the death of me, because I keep forgetting about them. I will have to make them tomorrow.


Still gotta put a zipper in the skirt and finish the over-kimono. Then that one is done.

Izumi: Put "W.C." on sandals. Pretty much done

EGA: Harness on wigs, loops on hat. Pretty much done.

Chenogasm: Modded. No big gay flower on there yet, but I still don't know if it will fit! XD I need to buy ace bandages tomorrow to get my chest down a little, and it should be fine.

Didn't do that thing for Dominique, but no one cares, right? XD

Anyway... things are sucking hard here.
We have a TON of laundry & dishes to do, and the tub started SUDDENLY backing up. BAD. This is the worst it's ever been, and it was sudden. It wasn't a slow clog like usual. It was more of an immediate "Here comes some foul-smelling black sludge in both tubs and toilets at an alarmingly fast rate"
Fortunately, we got the washer turned off before that crap spewed onto the floor. That would have made me sad.
It's really early in the morning, so we will have to wait to call the plumbers, and avoid an extra "emergency" fee.
So.. I can put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher (probably) but can't wash them.. and I can't get my favorite bra clean in time for A-kon because we risk sludge overload. Have I mentioned yet how much we hate our plumbing? XP

So much to do tomorrow... if I can finish Yu~ki and Yukari, I will be very happy. The wings arn't as much a priority, but I'd really like them. I'm making that Ray's project.

Now it is time for me to pass out. I really need to dye my hair, Veet my legs, and get a shower.. but that's kind of out of the question now. With any luck, that will happen tomorrow.


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