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Short A-kon checklist

Since everything is not finished yet, I can't put up costume checklists, but here's what I need to finish:

Izumi: Finish hair peice, paint the "W C" on the sandals I bought. Yes, I broke down and bought sandals. But! These are really nice :) They're not 100% accurate, but they're nice looking, and they were only about 6 bucks. For the hair peice, I decided to sew a strip of white on the top. This will make the peice slightly larger, and the white hair tie will be incorporated into the extension.. less to worry about losing. Anyway... I get those two things done, and the costume itself is finished. Extras: I REALLY need to hurry up and make my tattoo for this costume. I'm using some of that red sticky vinyl shit. It should look really nice. I also need to pick up some ace bandages& white medical tape, though, for this outfit.

Yukari: Gotta put the zipper into the skirt tonight. (dreaddreaddread)
Also have to finish the top kimono. I'm out of interfacing, though.. so it's back to Jo-Anne's for interfacing for the collar. After that, I gotta come up with a red ostrich feather for my hair, and that costume is done.

EGA thing I just remembered that I still have to make the bun-cover for this one. Whee! Gotta finish the wings, and attach some loops inside the hat so I can pin it on.

Edward Elric For this one, I need to attack my velcro inside the metal plate for the jacket... and I still have to make the coat& paint the design on the back. Waiting on the gloves& wig to arrive, then I have to style the wig. Thank god I don't have to paint anything on the gloves a'la Hellsing.

Dominique I need to fix my eyepatch& make it look spiffier. Gotta remember to unzip the damned lining in the trenchcoat this time. It was soooo hot last time I wore it. Also- Need to check khakis. The ones I was wearing last time got a big rip in the knee at work, and I have to see if I have another pair or can repair these. Not going to buy a new pair- shortage of funds.

Syaoran's blue sister Bought pants, have silky shoes- Gotta mod. the chenogasm

I BELEIVE that's it for the costumes, however, my work is not yet done.

For Iron Cosplay: Gotta get theme ingredients. Makoto, Ringo.. if you guys find anything small you can bring with you, let me know.. pleeeaaassee T..T
We also need to round up judges again. I talked to Jase from MoonMilk, and he said he'd be willing to participate as a judge& as a round-table person, so that's one down right there.
Cosplay Round Table I need to prepare some cards with costume peices on them. I don't think I can print anything huge.. so I will probably be sticking to things from famous shows everyone knows- Inu Yasha, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, etc.
Gotta secure my costumers for this, too. Got Jase, and Scortia fromt he A-kon BBS. Still trying to get a hold of Gren. Can't remember if I talked to Celine or not yet, but I think I did and she said she couldn't go to A-kon. Same with Lysariala. Ultimately, I'd like to have 2-3 more people for the costuming panel, but I'm still waiting on info from a few we'd prefer to have- Gren, etc.
Makoto, Ringo- If you've talked to anyone about this let me know XD

I emailed A-kon today to see if we could figure out panel times, etc. I REALLY hope there arn't any conflicts with the J-rock programming, because I'm really looking forward to Iron Cosplay& The costume round table this year, and I don't want to miss out on any of the J-rock stuff, either.

After all of this is taken care of, I have to pack.
I know the Iron Cosplay bag of shit is doing ok. I've been adding fabric to it slowly over the past few months, so there's some new stuff in there.
We could use some more pipe cleaners& 2 more rolls of duct tape, though. Gotta hunt down scissors as well.

busy busy busy


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