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Syaoran is almost done!

Amazingly, I had enough trim to finish the center bit, collar, and cuff. All of that stuff is done.
The only thing left on the top are the designs on the hips. I have a few scraps of green trim left, but I don't think I have enough for both hips. I'll have to wait and see. I might try to finish that top tonight. If I have enough green, and I can get it finished, that leaves tomorrow to work on my stuff... and then people show up on Friday?
Work on other people's stuff Fri, Sat& Sun (Gotta work on Sat. night. No biggie, though. I'm just glad I'm working again)
Then I'll have another week to finish up everything else I wanted to tinger on/finish. If I keep at it, I can finish in time.

I'm just a little dissappointed that Yu~ki didn't happen this year.

I should be able to get it finished for AnimeFEST though.. I hope. Since it is a fancier costume, it's unfortunate I can't have it ready for A-kon, but maybe it's for the best.

I feel like cleaning when I should be sewing a bit more. Go figure. :P

Edit: Those Yaoi fangirls on the A-kon BBS are getting on my nerves. They can be as disgruntled as they want. That won't change the fact that I shut down the Yaoi cosplay thread, and I'm not afraid to shut down the Shounen-ai thread if they can't behave themselves. If they are too rabid to know the difference between the two, there's a great chance most of them arn't old enough to get into the yaoi rooms at the conventions anyway. I just feel sorry for the real fans out there who are given a bad name by the teeming hordes of rabid fangirls and run around screeching about Gundam wing fanfics and how Gravitation was the greatest yaoi ever created.
(Little sidenote- I don't care about your fandom. You can have it, and unless you're a furry trying to grope a Satsuki Igashiri cosplayer, I don't have issues with your fandom. There are many fandoms coinciding with the Anime fandom, so I think it's a little unfair for some of these fangirls to run around thinking they own the con. This is also equally applicable to cosplayers who are not courteous in the hallways and bitch about the con not "accomodating" them)


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