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19 May 2004 @ 03:07 am
More Stuff  
Still working on Syaoran. I'm getting a lot done, though. Every seperate part is almost finished.
I only have one more strip of bias tape to lay on the sleeve, and both sleeves are done.
I finished all of the trim on the gold collar part, and it looks very nice. I need to make the mandarin collar now, and add that.. then I have to put green trim around that and down the center. Then.. I have to do the bits on the hips and dye my white cloth frog green.

After that, I think I'm done.

I'm probably going to have to hit the store for more bias tape, though. I bought all that was on display- 4 packages of thin green... at 4 yards per pack. It was ALMOST enough. One more package should cover everything I have left.
I might wait on photos until I finish.
Then for that costume, I have to make the pants... and that should be mostly taken care of.
Gotta finish Izumi
Gotta finish Yukari
Gotta tinker with Dominique
Gotta tinker with the EGA thing

I'll be filing a complaint with Paypal very soon, because the bum I ordered my came from never emailed me back after I paid him. I never got my cane, and he basically took off with the money... so I'm going to file a formal complaint against him with Paypal and try to get the money back.
This means no cane for the EGA outfit, though... since it's too late to get another in. (It took me forever to find that one in the first place)

I'm feeling rather blah right now.

In a roundabout way, I found myself on the LJ seiyuu community after finding out that Tomokazu Seki is going to be at AX this year.
That place is too strange for me. (The LJ community, not AX.. though.. AX is probably too strange for me, too)
I found out all sorts of weird things. Like.. apparently Takehito Koyasu likes giraffe porn and has a nickname... "Koyapi" o..O
The Ten Thousand Things: Lisa - hmmkhet_tcheba on May 19th, 2004 06:28 am (UTC)
...after finding out that Tomokazu Seki is going to be at AX this year.

Uh-oh. I have a friend who's going to have a coronary when she finds THAT out. And I get to tell her! :D Score!
Makoto: whatever.kinomakoto on May 19th, 2004 04:16 pm (UTC)
yeah, they're a weird community. Please ignore ANYTHING they ever say about Koyasu Takehito, because the LJ group tends to forget he's a REAL HUMAN BEING, not their slash-happy fan-creation. -_- He's married with children, guys, give him some respect. #-_- Poor Koyasu-san.

Overall, they just remind me of how damned old I am, so I don't pipe up too often. XD Kids these days!

But oh yes, I hope Seki-san's visit is a huge success and conventions outside of Canada and North Caroline begin bringing top-notch seiyuus over too. XD