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Costume progress

I promised photos :P
Syaoran1 all the way through Syaoran6
Don't forget to check all of them for detailed shots and some that arn't quite so blurry.
Also, remember that I am making this costume and not his battle outfit. I just modified the color scheme because I couldn't find any NICE looking lime green heavy satins.. or anything in a nice pastel yellow. So.. I changed the color shades a bit, and it looks more like the battle outfit.. even though it's not XD
I'm really happy with it so far, though.. and I think that the satin is sewing really well. It didn't pucker on me at all. In the photos, it kinda looks like it puckered along the seam a bit, but I really just need to iron it. I'm just going to be dorky and boast a bit.. I really think that my craftsmanship on this one is better than usual, and that my sewing skills are improving even more :)
Akuma says this is probably one of my best works to date. So far, I think I agree with him. It's turning out really well.
I seem to give all my best work to N-kun XD

Also.. the shots of the wings really arn't turning out well. I need to finish them and wear them so you can see how they really look. It's hard to photograph the curve I put into them.
Also.. I'm not quite done. I'm doing some nitpicky stuff, and need to glue more feathers.
But, you get the idea.
wing shots 1
and three

I have the house all to ourselves again. (Akuma and myself)
But now I'm too tired to work in earnest. I want to finish this Syaoran costume now, but there's so much work to be done with the bias tape that I can't finish it ATM even if I wanted to. (Gotta finish both sleeves. One sleeve needs bias tape where the green and gold meet.. both need them where the sleeve folds at the cuff)
Then, I gotta cut out the patterns for the gold peices around the collar and see if I have enough interfacing for the mandarin-style collar, and sew those down and bias-tape those as well. Also, I need to dye the frog claps green to match the body of the outfit, and finish the designs on the side with bias tape. It'll look really good when it's done. Just gotta finish it.


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