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Feathers!!! XD (Pt. II)

Got my order from Rainbow Feathers in yesterday! :D
I'm very excited.. because now I can get to work on um.. stuff XP
I'm going to go out to Home Depot tomorrow and use up this gift card I got for Christmas from mom. According to Mako-chan (listing this so I can remember) I need:

3/4" copper tubing. Gotta buy the whole coil, but I'll need it all
Chicken wire. Buy it by the roll. 1 should be enough

And then it's down to Jo Anne's for:

1 roll of quilting batting
Black zipper for Yukari skirt
2 yards white suiting for Yukari obi
2 yards white satin for Yukari obi
1 thingamajig of white yarn
1 thingamajig of black yarn

I should have enough interfacing... I hope XP

That should get me everything I need to finish Yukari and my wings. I just have to figure out how to strap them to my back :( I'll have to make a harness of some sort... but I don't know how, so it'll be a learning experience... AFTER I finish all the wings.. lol

The Haibane ones will be the easiest, since those go under clothing. Unfortunately, I can't make those because I'm waiting on the grey tom rounds. Rainbow Feather Co. called me before shipping my order and gave me some bad news. The factory/supplier that takes sends them the feathers they dye had a fire. :( They wern't able to get the featers to dye for my order >..< So.. I asked them to just bill me for shipping on those items seperately, so I could get to work on the black wings right away. I'd really like to be doing all 4 sets at once, but frankly, I'm happy to have the Yu~ki feathers now, even though I probably won't get all my leather in time. >..

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