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Just gotta do some nitpicky things, and I'm calling this costume finished.
I gotta iron it, and possibly tack down the collar if it won't stay. I may have used interfacing that was too stiff :(
Also- gotta finish the hair extensions. It's pinned to a foam wig head right now (Yeah.. it looks really weird on the dressform.. lol) But.. I still have to add a little to it. It' won't QUITE fit around my bun. and I'm not cutting my hair :P

OK, so in theory.. this is how it works:

I get some of that temporary black hair dye/gel/etc that KT pointed out. It should be at Sally's, and I just need to smear it through the top part, and a little of my ponytail, so it doesn't peek through the bun cover. Add buncover. Then, it should look like I have a regular head of black hair pulled into a ponytail that it then dreaded. I have a few extra hair extensions I am temporarily going to pin in close to the roots so it looks like I have a few bangs (Where it's pinned up on the wig head)

I'm going to be a little inaccurate with this costume. Since the fabric only cost me about 30 bucks, and the hair was less than 10 dollars, I'm not buying a new pair of pants for this costume, or new sandals.. which would pretty much double the cost of the costume.
So... Inaccuracies I am living with: Long, flowy black pants instead of clamdiggers. S'ok. Fits the Kung-fu look :P
Nice sandals with a similar strap instead of WC sandals XD
This is the only part I almost regret. Izumi cracks me up because she's wearing the bathroom/toilet slippers everywhere. I'll be wearing some nice sandals instead.
Hair- Only ponytail is dreaded. Sorry.. this is the best I can make it look without actually doing this to my hair... which I can't do, because I NEED my hair for other costumes. I think this will look better than getting a wig or not having the tube curls.. so I'm happy with it.

Oh yeah. I forgot.
I uploaded photos.
With Jacket
Without Jacket
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