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Night of weirdness

Jess suggested a looong time ago that I watch "Sharkskin man and Peachhip Girl".
This was waaay back when I was starting to poke around the rental section of Hastings, and wanted to see somthing really good and kind of offbeat.
It's not that I've been putting it off.
It's just been that I HAVEN'T been able to find the rental copy. I used to see the case all the time. It didn't have the security strip on it, so I knew the DVD wasn't in the case. It was in one of those clear plastic rental cases in an unknown location.

Well, I managed to finally find it the other day. I rented it and kept it for about a week and a half, and finally got to see it tonight :)I really liked it. It's really just affirmed my fandom of Tadanobu Asano, though. He's got a great smile, and he's well.. jaunty. XD I don't know how else to explain it really, but somthing about him is really endearing to me.
The funny thing is.. while I was looking through his IMDB profile, I noticed that he's credited for Gohatto, and I didn't recognize him XD
He's also in Zatoichi.. which I REALLY want to see. (Beat Takeshi plays the role of a blind samurai. Sounds to be a really neat movie. Apparently, they all break out into dance at the end. IMDB lists castmembers as "tapdancing peasant" )
In any case.. I think somthing else is kind of hilarious...
In the GTO live action show, when Onizuka is hired, he runs down to the video store to find old copies of this school show called "Kimpachi sensei"... which was the show that Asano started his acting career with.

All that said and done, another actor struck me as familiar. Susumu Terajima I said "Hey.. he looks like the cop who lost his gun in Ichi!" And he was XD
He's apparently in Casshern, too. The trailer for THAT looks awesome.
And he's credited for Moon Child, too. Oh boy XD
Other than that.. I remember seeing him in Hanabi, but I don't remember seeing him in Gohatto. Damn. XD And I didn't even really like Gohatto that much due to what I felt was poor character development :(
In any case... this man is a terrific actor. He seems to play a lot of supporting rolse, but his characters are always strong. :)

I got my hands on the criterion release of "Kwaidan" the other day, and have yet to watch it. I was going to watch it a few days ago, but I told myself I really ought to watch the rental first :P
I'm hoping to get a copy of Sanjuro one of these days, but Hastings never has a copy in when I have the money to spend. In fact. They probably never have a copy in. I'll probably have to order it. I really want to see it sometime soon so I can force myself to watch "A Fist full of dollars" and "For a few dollars more."
I think everyone knows I hate westerns.. but I really want to give it a chance and compare the original with the US remake. For some reason.. it seems interesting to me now :P

Anyway... I really feel like there's so much Japanese cinema out there that I need to see. Not really just for the reason that I am a Japanophile, but because it seems like the US is dominated by it's own movie industry. It's so easy to overlook other foreign films. There are others (yes, in other languages :P ) That I've wanted to see for a while.. but I don't exactly have anyone around me right now that is interested in going out and watching/renting weird foreign/international films, so I do it a little bit at a time.
Like some day.. I will own Rashamon. Just not yet :P

The other night, I feel asleep watching the old Lon Chaney "Phantom of the Opera." I'd picked up a cheapie DVD at Hastings a while back that had Phantom of the Opera, Metropolis, and Nosferatu on it. I saw part of Shadow of the Vampire on TV the other day, and it reminded me of the fact that the DVD's been sitting around forever. I don't think Akuma was very interested in it.. especially since it was hour after hour of silent black& white XD But I want to try and expand my horizons where I can. I guess I just have the feeling that there are some older movies that are integral to what you might call the human cinematic experience. In the history of all films ever made, there are some that everyone has to see at least once. While I can't say I'm an expert of any sort, I do try and pick up some horror classics when I can. I really enjoyed the "House of Wax" I rented a while back(Vincent Price. :) I love Vincent Price) and it's nice to do that every so often.


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