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Kill Bill in 5000 words or less, please

Saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight.
Ok. I can see why some people don't like it. It's definitely a change of pace from the first movie. It seems like most of the gratuitous violence was in the first one. (Odd? Well.. there were lots of action scenes, fighting, violence, etc in pt 2, but it wasn't Fist-of-the-North-Star-buckets-of-blood type stuff)
Anyway... David Carradine's acting was awesome. This almost makes up for sitting through a movie "acted" by Uma. Sorry. I really didn't like her treatment for her role. She was appropriate. Her responses to things were good.. but I really didn't like the way she delivered her lines.
Anyway. That said and done.. This movie hurt my butt. No matter how I shifted in my seat, the length of the movie went straight to my tailbone.
It wouldn't have been so bad if every character spoke somewhat normally.
Instead, it was like Mojojojo acted out everything while sprinking "bitch" and "cunt" throughout the movie. (I didn't know you could sneak "cunt" into the theatres)
One scene went somthing like this (which is basically how most went)
"OMG bitch today you are wrong. For if it was any other day, which it is not, you might be right. But since today is today and you would have been right any other day, today is not that other day and you are wrong"
Ok. I understand English. If you say "You're wrong, bitch. You would have been right yesterday, but you're wrong today" I would have gotten it the first time. Instead, I had to sit through 5 minutes of talking about how everything changes when viewing a blue strip and contemplating assasination jobs. Spoken by Umajojo.

But, all in all, it was ok. I understand trying to capture the Kung-Fu Carl Douglas spirit of the 70's or whatever the fuck that was supposed to be.. but the editing still made me sad. My idea of a hommage, and Tarantino's idea of a hommage are two very different things.

In other news.. I got my VHD cel in a few days ago, and I love it <3
Thank you Miki! :D
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