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Valentine's day came early for me today. Kijima, you can just stop reading now if you're looking at this, because you'll probably hate me if you don't. Just a warning for the spoilers ahead.

Matt wouldn't tell me where he was going today after he dropped me off for class. He had one of those giddy, scheming looks on his face. Then, when he picked me up, he wanted me to close my eyes while he dug around in his pockets... While driving! >..< Heart attack time. Well.. I knew he probably had somthing like jewelry in his pocket.. and I'd never received anything like this from him before.. I mean, He's given me gorgeous necklaces in the past, but they wern't "conventional" jewelry.. Dragon pendants from the Mint and such.. but today.... :)
I wanted to wait until I could show my room-mate, but she's probably going to read this. Oh well :P
He gave me a *gorgeous* emerald ring. It's framed by 8 diamond chips on a gold ring. It's so pretty. ^..^ No proposal to go along, but it's a gorgeous ring! I love it so much.. I suppose that's why I have such trouble relating to Kijima. It makes me seriously distressed that I can't understand him more... :( Matt and I have been dating and deeply in love for the past 2 years... and while I used to loathe V-day just two years ago.. I never felt that intense hatred for the opposite sex.... It makes me sad...


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