HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Selected Sakura Con photos

I'll be the first to admit that I don't rush to fansview anymore when a convention is over. New photos are exciting, and Mr. Lilliard does a fantastic job documenting them and getting them up on the site quickly. I just haven't been as enthusiastic about costuming as I was last year. It seems that since that gigantic outpouring of creative energy that became Millenia, I just hadn't seemed that excited about tackling projects. However... It's been about a full year, and I feel rejuvinated. Nation-wide, costuming is still a rising trend, and as predicted, the costumes have been getting better and better. I'm so happy to see more and more people caring about what they make and putting effort into making their costumes look the best they can.
So.. I will happily squee over my favorites :D
I love Full Metal Alchemist <3
Hey!! Ragnarok! :D
Very nice color choices. Sakura cosplayers make me happy, because they always seem to do great jobs :)
Ohhh.. I never see any Anji Mito cosplayers. <3 Brownie points!
OMG KT! Another Faris! (admittedly, if it wasn't for your attention to detail, I probably wouldn't have recognized this cosplayer's work immediately, despite having played through MOST of FF5. XD
Dude... Pincer??
holy crap!! Nice job!
I have NEVER, EVER, EVER seen an FF6 Gau costumer before. In my game, I named him "Moo". Way to go, Moo! :D
My obscure happy cosplay award goes out to you Moo, wherever you are
on this page, there is a very large FMA group!
T..T I can't say anything more because of spoilers
All in all, this FF6 group just really wow'ed me. I've never seen a Terra Esper form costume, either
Nice job!! Those FFX costumes are hard to tackle. Especially some of the stranger NPC clothes
There's that Katie Bair "Jessie" wig in action!

Um.. that's it. I can't beleive that all the J-rock costumes I recognized in those photos were either Dir en Grey or Mana. (There was a two-person MM Beast of Blood group, so technically it was Dir en Grey, Mana, and I think that was a Klaha) Also.. a pleasantly suprising ammount of Guilty Gear costumers!

Though.. the FF6 group really only made me think of evil things to do with my little brother. I mean.. he's tall, skinny, and easy to co-erce into costuming. After I finish his FMA costume, I might skip a few of my costumes and make him somthing really ambitious, like Setzer from FF6.(Though.. he might make a better Edgar, now that I think of it....Not that anyone would recognize him anyway XD )

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