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22 April 2004 @ 01:48 am
Mako-chan, be proud of me! XD  
I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the first 10 episodes of Gungrave.
I'll probably want to get this one when it comes out on DVD.
I haven't finished the first episode yet, because I had to check out the voice cast. Why? Because when the first character spoke, I was like "OMG WALTER XD" and I had to see if I was right or not.
My love of Hellsing made me recognize another seiyuu! :O
Oh yeah.. and the only other one I can identify is in here to. Hello Takehito Koyasu! XD (And I'm sure you're already giggling over Tomokazu Seki. He plays Grave, but Grave... doesn't really talk much..... lol)If you want, Mako, I can attempt to stick this on disks for you. Since Ringo-chan is getting your your PGSM fix.. and E's... and bottle fairy.. etc.. haha

Still waiting for the meteor shower to rise high enough for me to see it. Hope it gets dark enough....
Current Mood: amusedamused
Makoto: smooooooothkinomakoto on April 22nd, 2004 08:29 pm (UTC)
My work here is done! Go in peace. XD
Okay, first, YOU RECOGNIZED KIYOKAWA-SAN? Dear god, that's incredible. Like, the ONLY thing I know him for is Fuyutsuki from Evangelion, and god knows that's not enough for him to be in the Mental Seiyuu Rolodex for quick identification purposes. You go, girl.

And now I'm confused, because I'm almost certain Seki-san wasn't the lead in the video game. o_O Actually, I thought it was Nakata Jouji (Alucard from Hellsing), and if I confused those two then SHAME shame on me. But there isn't enough info about the game OR the TV show in the Japanese database to be helpful... >_< I remember Tachiki Fumihiko-san, and I remember Onosaka Masaya showing up because I knew he had to be in there somewhere since he was Vash... now I'm stumped. XD
HIDE your facekyonomiko on April 22nd, 2004 09:22 pm (UTC)
Re: My work here is done! Go in peace. XD
>:O HE IS MY WALTER! XD Seriously.. In Hellsing, Walter was my favorite character.. even more thank Alucard. He just kicks but.. heh (apparently, on the animeinfo database, they don't even have him credited for Eva. It's a really incomplete list, though :( http://www.animenfo.com/animeseiyuu,595,hcbgih,kiyokawa_motomu.html )
I don't know about the game voice cast, but there's a hyperlink in my post to a mostly complete anime voice cast. I was trying to google some seiyuu results, but it's been tough. Since it was a US released videogame, most of the hits I've been getting have been magazine articles says "wow, great voice cast!" and nothing else. Some website said they got pretty much all the same people from the game.. but I honestly wouldn't know since I can't find much other info on the game. I did find a post on gamefaqs.com, though, saying that in the game, Balladbird Lee was played by Onosaka Masaya, but when they did the anime, that's where Takehito Koyasu stepped in.

>..> Onosaka is in Bobobo~whatever, though.. XD He plays DON PACHI the..um... exploding thing? I don't know T..T