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I still haven't done the feathers on the EGA hat band yet or adjusted the sleeves. I should do that soon.

I still need to finish that skirt. Gotta put darts in the back and install a zipper. I don't have much experience with zippers, though, and I might have to wait until I can pick up a black zipper. I don't know if I have one, since I don't normally keep a supply of zippers around. I think I may have 2-4 zippers laying around right now, though, which is just plain weird. I know the white metal one is for the Yu~ki pants, and another one of the white ones was going to be for the Yu~ki jacket. That means I may have some extras lying around.. but I don't want to put a white zipper in an all-black skirt.. so I'll probably have to wait on finishing that.

I finished the blue jacket for Izumi yesterday night, though. I'm going to see if I can make the white top today. I'll probably get it mostly finished and give up when it comes to the closures in the front. I don't know how to make buttonholes.. WTF.

I feel like cleaning, but I know the second I decide on somthing to clean, I won't feel like it anymore.. so I think I'll work on costumes instead.

There's been a raging debate as to how I ought to do my hair for my Izumi costume. She's got dreds. She's got a ponytail. It's hard to tell if her whole head is rolled into dreads, though. I've been thinking about dying my hair black and then making a ponytail cover out of tube dread extensions. That would give me a great looking hairline, and a full dread ponytail. I wouldn't have dreads throughout my whole head, though. Niko suggested loosely braiding the top into somthing called "dookie braids," and then tying them in the back and using the ponytail cover, but I have no clue what those look like.

The other option is going with a wig, and adding extensions on the back for the ponytail. Akuma supports this one the most, because I don't think he wants me to dye my hair. With a wig, I could have a full head of dreads. I also would not have to dye my hair. A wig would triple the cost of the costume, though.. and the wig+ extensions needed for the ponytail is a lot more expensive than the 1st method. Also.. since it is a wig, there is a really good chance I won't get a presentable hairline with it.

IMO, option one would be the best. However.. Yukari requires my current hair shade (if but a little redder). Now.. black hair would match the EGA costume really well.. and I'd need it for Izumi. Black hair would also mean that depending on how it looked, I wouldn't need to wear my wig for my Dominique costume (making the hat fit so much better XD )
But black hair would also mean either scrapping Yukari or getting a wig for THAT costume. I really don't want to do that, because I will probably just end up dying my hair back to red anyway.


The big question is... are there any really good BLACK temporary hair dyes? I know they have spray-in hair color for things like bright colors.. (and that it kinda sucks) But I'm wondering if there is somthing a little better out there in black. Or maybe if there's a temp in black I could use. A spray would almost be better if that means I can have black hair for JUST Izumi.. and even then, it'd just have to be applied on top of my hair covering my scalp. Not even the stuff in the ponytail, since that will get covered with dreds anyway....

The best things for IZUMI would be perm. black hair dye..but that's not the best thing for Yukari.

HELP! T..T ( I swear I don't normally do this hair crap to myself. I keep it really simple.. natural or wig... but the dred thing makes it complicated )
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