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I'm in a relatively good mood. I've been having more odd dreams.. but I can't remember them all. I think that's the only part I like about having a menstrual cycle. I get really interesting dreams right before ovulation, and I tend to remember them more. That was probably more than you wanted to know. You're probably disgusted and don't want to read anymore. I want to laugh at you now. Hahahahah ^..^

I'm happy because my cel binder came in the other day and I as FINALLY able to put my cel collection in a binder together. I have quite a few really good cels.. like a Darkside Blues cel of the freaky little kid with grey hair from when Darkside shows up at his house and hands him his crystal back. I also have a Revolutionary girl Utena picture of Mikage from his *DUAL*!! And the best part is.. I got it for under 50 bucks.. unusual for a really good Utena cel, ne? Those two along with my dirty X movie cel are probably the 3 I'm most proud of right now. I'll be even more proud of my Alcyone cel when she comes in. It's a cel from one of the last episodes she was in, and it's a full face shot.. really pretty cel.
But you want to know what I'm even happier about? I won a bid on ebay for a 1st press copy of Lareine's debut CD single. It comes with a Emiru trading card and a videotape (The best part!!!) too. This will appease me for a while.. then I'll have to go back to hunting for my Apres Missing (Midi) CD.. I won't rest until I get it back.. or get a copy of it.. I had BOTH of MM indies singles, for goodness sakes! Arrghh...



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