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EGA Finished?!?

Yeah.. I said that before, but completely forgot that I had to sew buttons on where my cat decided I didn't need buttons.
So.. I did that.. I remembered to add the two back to the tux-jacket-vest-thing, and I did a bunch of hand-sewing on it. Then I said "OK! Now it is officially finished!!!

Then I rememberd that I haven't finished the hat band yet XD I just have to stitch the hat band together and stick those feathers in the band.. then it's REALLY finished!
I think I might cut the arm bands open on the inside and add a little spacer on there since it's really tight. I hate to do it because of all the work I put into them... and it won't be perfect anymore... T..T But I would rather deal with a small imperfection and have it fit perfectly.. than have it not fit, and have no imperfection. The other option would be to re-sew the top band and re-do all the hand stitching, etc. This is assuming I have enough fabric to do that. I'm not sure I do. If I do.. that's still an assload more handstitching in store for me to re-attach all of the clasps, etc. Plus, there are quite a few blind hems on that stupid thing because I didn't sew it like an inside-out tube for multiple reasons. (straps being the biggest one)
So blah! I will probably take the easy way out and sew a vertical band on the inside of the arm.

Anyway.. yeah. My neck corset came out nicely. Since it's a little loose, I'm debating buying some snaps and cutting it in the back so I don't have to re-lace it every time. If I did that, though, it's probably end up being too tight. bleh.

Yukari progress- Finished the bottom "pleated" part of the pleated skirt, and starched& pressed it. The top section of the skirt that hugs the hips is almost done. I have to put some darts in by the butt. After that, I need to install a zipper, and make the strappy belted waistband. I'm only putting so much wok into an original-looking skirt, because I might wear it later with other things. Otherwise, I wouldnt' bother since only the bottom of the pleated part shows XD

After I finish the skirt, I'll change the thread out on the machine and run with white. That'll finish me another Yukari kimono and the Izumi shirt. After that, it's blue for the Izumi jacket, and back to white to start the Yu~ki stuff.


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