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Finishing touches

I haven't been up to much lately but sewing, etc.
The Orkin man came today and said we had one of the worst (tiny-ant-size) carpenter ant infestations he'd seen in a long time. It's always comforting when you freak out your bug man. Plus... I think the poor guy almost became a nervous wreck because he bumped into two snakes today. (Both at our place, I think. One, he said... was definitely a rat snake, and it was living in one of our breaker boxes. The other, he said, was a rattler, and it tried to bite him. :O
Well... since we're having the carpenter ant problem, we have to seriously put some hard work into chopping shit down. Fighting our yard is like trying to trek through a jungle, but it's gotta be done. There are a few places where there are trees touching the house.. and we have to make sure all that crap is away from the house. Otherwise, it gives the ants a way to crawl in and eat up our walls. There are a lot of shrubs, small trees, etc that I just plain want to get rid of. I want it all GONE. Maybe I will plant some flowers, or put some new shrubs in or somthing.. I dunno. But the ones that came with the house are frickin' huge and I don't like them. I want some that are cute and tiny and don't house a billion snakes and bugs. (I like the anole lizards, though. They change colors, and they're cute)

So yeah.. house problems aside.. we got a lot of cleaning done before the bug man came. I guess so it would be easier for him to putter around the house without bumping into piles of CRAP XD
I got most of the stuff against the wall cleaned up. (sewing supplies) and I'm happy with the way that all looks now. I threw away the bow for the Silky costume, and ripped the skirts apart& removed the gathering from them so I could re-use the fabric. Akuma heard a lot of ripping noises as I was tearing seams, and said "That sounds like you're doing a lot of anti-sewing" XD hahah. Yup.
Anyway.. I got that done, and I talked to Akuma about Makoto's stuff. We decided to keep everything that's in the huge monitor box in there, and send it by UPS instead of putting it in a bunch of smaller boxes. Now I just need to fill it up a little more so it won't shift in shipping. I think there are some formal dresses still lying around that I need to get back to her... XD Then, after that, there will probably be another 3-4 smaller boxes to send sometime after that.
Whew... so.. while I haven't been doing anything massive, I've been feeling really productive lately.


EGA-loli-thing: Almost done! I just need to glue some feathers to a small card, and sew that to the band on the top-hat... and beleive it or not, I'm done! I might do that tonight. Photos as soon as I can put everything on and have someone take pictures. Oh.. and I'm waiting on my cane. But photos after that.. definitely. Finished the last sleeve and the neck corset today. Still can't find the 4th button for that last sleeve.. so I gotta buy some more and do a few more finishing touches on it... but for now, have a photo of the neck corset :)

Yukari: Going to start up on this one again.
~~I need to make the black& white braided hair extension.. (It looks like yarn)
~~Make the black pleated skirt
~~Finish the top layer kimono

Yu~ki: Lots of work to do here. Basically all I've done is buy supplies and do a trial makeup run. Most important thing to do right now is call the feather place. They never got back to me, and I need to get the ball rolling on the feathers. (They said they would call me back after they totalled everything up.. lol) My latest triumph is winning two skins of white leather. One is pearlized. :) Hopefully, it will be enough. If not, I'll have to buy some more. I plan on being REALLY frugal with this stuff, though, so we'll see how things go. I got a great price on it, so I'm very happy.

Izumi: Now that this one is a definite, I'm excited. I think all I will need to do is buy the hair extensions and maybe a little fabric. I can use a black pair of strechy work pants for the pants.. and I will have to sew the white top and the blue jacket. I'll have to buy fabric for the jacket, but I might have enough white.. SOMTHING to make the shirt. I dunno. If not, it's a trip to the fabric store for some white suiting. Not a problem since I need to buy patterns for that top& the Yu~ki jacket anyway.

This should keep me busy for a while. If I am not lazy, I can finish Yukari within 3 days or so.. and same for Izumi. They're both really simple.
After that.. it'll be a few weeks for Yu~ki. This brings me right up before A-kon. I still have to make some alterations on the chenogasm for the Iron Cosplay group, and find some white strechpants for that one.. and if I have any time after that, I'll make Bebedora or Baiken... those.. those two will probably have to wait for Animefest.
After all.. I still gotta re-wear Dominique XD A-kon's going to be pretty crazy.

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