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EGA-loli-thingie almost done

Since it is getting close to completion- no more photos until it's finished! >:D
The next photos of the thing I (hope to) post will be me wearing it.
All I have left are the following:

~~Wait for accessories to come in the mail
~~Sew black bloomers w/matching trim from the rest of the outfit (super easy)
~~Finish the sleeves (also easy, but I've been procrastinating)
~~Finish the feather thing on the hat.

Thanks to Mako-chan's advice, I've decided to go WITHOUT the feather trim on the jacket. While I think it could look really cool, it's a big hassle, and there's a VERY good chance it would end up being really tacky& way more..umm.. superflousness than nessesary. XD Because you know I'm sneaking as much tacky useless things as possible into the outfit to make it cool XD

I am also contemplating the wings. I called Rainbow feathers and told them I was ready to pay and have it mailed, etc. And they said they would tally everything up and call me back with a total. That was about 3 days ago.. lol I think we must have been using the line when they tried to call back. I'll need to call and have the feathers sent.. then buy the copper tubing and chicken wire needed to start making the wings. Gotta figure out how to attach them to some straps to stick them on my back or somthing. I've never made wings before XD

I'm going to do some sort of updo for this outfit,too, as soon as I pick a hairstyle that I can do myself& doesn't take too much time.

Then I hope to make the pleated skirt for Yukari and email Zoi's um.. koibito? XD about a reference photo. I was given her email addy, and I haven't emailed her yet.. bwahaha XD I'm such a slacker.

By then, I should have all my feathers and know whether or not I've won that white leather for my Yu~ki jacket. If not, I can try to find some nice leather.. for a little while longer. After that, I will have to resort to crappy pleather or interfaced suede-type.. IF I can find some that's very white. This costume is tricky in materials T..T


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