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12 step programs, support groups, and Yoshitaka Amano

Today's been rotten. Aside from annoyances like my lost CD, and the messed up money situation at work, I've had far too many dealings with law enforcement than I'd like. Actually.. it was insurance people today. My boyfreind apparently accidentally "hit" a parked car when he was picking me up. His *corvette* has a minor scratch and paint spot. Uninjured. However, the owner of this big Huge SUV is filing a claim with his insurance company for $4,000 as a Hit and Run. This is a huge-ass mess. My boyfreind and I both can't see how he could have done 4,000 dollars worth of damage with a few paint flakes. My ASS! In any case... He didn't leave a note on the car.. someone apparently saw the "incident" and sent his licence plate #'s to the police. He's already spoken to them, and has been *more* than cooperative... and now he's worried about going to jail, losing his car, and all this other drastic stuff. The fact of the matter is this: Insurance is bad enough as it is because of his new car... he's got full coverage on it because he hasn't finished paying it off yet. His driving record, however, is impeccable... and if insurance rates go up, he may not be able to afford the car. Isn't THAT ass? Hopefully his insurance company will do some fighting for him and tell the stupid slut to buy a bottle of touch-up paint and quit whining. In any case.. My boyfreind had a seriously shitty day... and I've essentially been alone and putting up with his bad attitude with no other contact to the outside world, which has put me in a bad attitude as well. I just hate to see him unhappy.. and when he gets angry and unhappy, he gets quiet.. pouts a lot... and falls asleep. He'snot destructive, which is good... but there's nothing I can do for him... When he wants contact with the outside world, he come in and complains at me and tells me how much his life sucks.. and then he leaves again. So... I've been searching for somthing to do on the 'net to at least let me talk with *someone* ... But.. No success. No replies to email, etc. Bah.


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