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I was REALLY hoping to get this kickass cane for my lolithing dress. However... I got outbid when I was afk, and the auction ended. T..T Since the cane wasn't any real antique or anything like that, I was really hoping to find more of them on the net somewhere. I was assuming they were mass-produced, but I haven't had any luck with them. The seller's not selling anything right now, either. The worst part is.. I'm really picky about this, so I haven't been able to find anything affordable that I like.

In costuming news... I've got my sleeves pinned to the dressform in about the same place they'll probably sit when all the straps are on, etc. I also finished the tux-style jacket. I'm almost done with the top hat, but I think I'm going to have to start all over. I don't like the way the fabric turned out on the top panel. I swear I pinned it all exactly where I wanted it, but it's not sitting right. Since the hat is going to be worn cocked to the front& side, the top is visible. Call me anal, but I want it to look nice.

Since I fought with this jacket a LOT, I figured I'd post photos. It's not done yet.. I need to add some buttons in the front (there's one pinned so you get the idea) and I also have to put in the closures. Just going to do hooks. It's easier than buttons T..T My dressform is a little smaller than I am, so unfortunately, it looks a little baggy, but you get the idea.
I'm debating whether or not to put some feather trim around the front collar. My brother says it would look pretty cool.. and I think it looks ok. I can't really decide. It would be really cool, but I don't know if it would detract from everything else or not.

Oh yeah. Suffer the story of the jacket-
I had no pattern, so I had to make one& fit it without help. Waaaaah blahblahblah, etc.
It's lined, and the front panels are interface-ed. Since it's lined, I sewed it all inside out, but I had to leave the inside seam around the back& neck strap thingie open, so I could flip it right-side out. Then I had to topstitch the whole damned thing and do a blind hem around the back. Talk about a pain. Still gotta finish it, iron it, and solve the dilemma of the feathers.
So, on to the photos
I think this was the front shot? XD
If I put these down in the right order, this is a side shot
Back. I'm rather proud of the open-backed tux jacked thxu XP


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