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Grr... millenry

I don't know how to make hats. By looking at hats, I can kind of get an idea. I also get the idea I don't have any of the right supplies for this sort of thing. I need a tiny, tall top hat. I have in mind what I want, but I haven't found it anywhere. I found one similar to what I had in mind on ebay for a rather outrageous price. But... if it meant I got a professional looking hat without having to do any work, I was willing to pay the min. price. I got outbid, though, and I can't really afford (nor justify) paying over 50 dollars for a hat. I guess I'm not that fashionably rich.. or rich enough to be that fashionable.

So.. I've decided to try and make my own. I'm starting out with craft foam, since the stiffened felt I have doesn't curve well. It just wants to bent and kink at odd angles. I thought about soaking it in water and keeping the felt's shape with somthing like elmer's glue, but to do that, I'd really need a base. I'd have to have somthing made out of wood or plaster, etc shaped exactly how I want the had to look so that I could take the water/glue soaked felt peices and let them dry on that form. Looking at Millenry supply websites, this seems similar to how they form felt hats.
ANYWAY.. craft foam& super glue seems to be working ok for the base. I can't get the exact curve in the body of the hat that's shown in the photo.. but I hope it'll be good enough. It'll definitely be better if I can get the brim to curve correctly.. but so far I haven't figured out how in the world I am going to get that to happen. Maybe if I super-glue some floral wire to the outside of the brim of the hat (when I cut it) I can get it to keep a shape that way.. and when I cover it in fabric, no one will see! XD Oh well. Got lots of costume stuff to work on -..-


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