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Holy crap moment!

Reading Play Magazine. US publication. Gackt game. Available March. WTF!?!?

Towards the back of this month's play magazine, they had a bunch of game previews lined up back to back. They were mostly quickie one-shots with a screencap and a short description, but I recognized Bujingai.
Now.. they said the game was available March, but did not specify if it was available in the US in March.. or what.
Now.. while I would be hopeful that it would be within the next week, I really doubt it.

They DID, however, also feature many other games on that page such as Suikoden IV... and if the game magazines thought it was interesting enough to cover, there's a good chance we'll be seeing it here sooner or later.

Gamespot has a lot of stuff on the game already, though, and they're saying tentative US release is May. I couldn't find a pre-order screen on ebworld, and they're usually really good about release dates. If I'd known, I would have checked at work, too.

IGN is also saying May.
Things look good.
Gackt videogame... plays like... Devil May Cry? Onimusha? etc? I like those games, so there's a good chance this will be a lot of fun to play, and Gackt will just be a novelty for me to giggle at.... like usual >..>


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