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Sewing again today!

Argh. The suspense is killing me.
You know that silly MMORPG I play all the time? Well, the update I have been waiting months for hits the server I play on TONIGHT. After iRO goes down for mainenance I will get to make my kickass monk. Until then, I'm had to try to keep busy.

Looking at my costume, it doesn't look like I've done anything to it at all. However, I let the skirt out a little bit to account for the underskirt, bodice, and two petticoats that have to fit under it.. and I gave the inside seam where the waistband is a really nice-looking finished seam by rolling the seam allowance over and sewing it to the inside of the seam. Looks very nice, and now I don't have to worry about that fabric fraying on me. I thought it was a suiting with a little stretch. It's soft, very very very nice to work with, photographs with a bit of a sheen.. it's perfect.. but it unravels like a mofo so it's been rolled hems and extra attention to every seam so I don't end up looking shaggy. In any case.. I think the damned skirts are FINALLY done. Next, I finish the arm bands and make the sleeveless tux jacket. Then, I need to make the neck corset and hat. Decorate froofily& accordingly with lace and ribbon remnants, and it should be done.

Since I'm not so sure I want to tackle any of that tonight. (No good jacket pattern... lazy to finish the sleeves even though it's simple. Not sure I have enough stiffened felt to try to make that top hat, don't feel like messing with the pleather for the neck corset)
Anyway.. with the addition of the jacket, I don't need to make the rose pattern going from the bodice to the skirt. That's all fine by me, though, since I wasn't looking forward to it.. and the addition of the blue ribbon on the bottom of the skirt would have made a rose look tacky.

So.. tonight, I am thinking about working on Yukari some more. I'm not ready to tackle Yu~ki's pants or skirt thing yet. I have everything I need, I think. I think I want to see if I can't find a good pattern to alter first, though. I don't trust myself with pants. This means one more trip down to Jo Anne's sometime soon so I can get a pattern for a tailored jacket with assloads of panels (5 panels at least) and a pattern for some flared dress pants. I can probably make the loli jacket off the Yu~ki pattern anyay...

I'm going to try to make a black pleated skirt for Yukari tonight. After that, all I have left is the assembly of the top kimono& the obi, or whatever he uses to keep it on. It might just be a few ties on the inside of the kimono or somthing, or just a full obi with a bow. Dunno.
The skirt should be fine, though. The tricky part is fabric.
I have around 2 yards of a siffer black suiting which would work well for the skirt. I have odd remnants of the loli-skirt material that would probably also be enough for the skirt, though not stiff enough. I want to make the tux jacket out of the same material as the loli skirt, though, and I'm not sure I have enough XD Not sure what the heck kind of fabric that is, either XD
Oh well XD

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