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The uncultured daughter hits Houston

So.. Friday we took off for Houston. I don't know why.. but after going to Dallas many times, I was somewhat dissappointed in Houston. I can't really explain it. Houston has beautiful buildings, and in some ways, much more flavor than Dallas. Dallas is technically smaller than Houston, but it seems much larger. Bigger buildings& more of them, I guess. It could also be the fact that I kinda see the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as Dallas..Plano, all those tiny surrounding towns, etc... DALLAS XD Houston=Houston+woodlands, since I drove through there too, I guess.
ANYWAY...that whole area/side of the state has some beautifal foliage XD
It seems like the trees there where thicker and taller, and it also seemed like many of the buildings in the area were careful to preserve as many of the trees as possible.. which I think is really cool.
I visited Dad in Houston. He gave us a tour of the museum district. There were a great many paintings in this one museum we went to that I recognized. It was a museum of modern art.. which I'm not too fond of, but it was still cool. I really don't like abstract stuff too much. Not my kind of thing, I guess. It's not that I don't understand it,it's just that sometimes the artists seem to go great lengths to make their art very confusing. It does invoke thought, but I prefer more classical art better XD
We went to this really cool place called Spec's. It's a liquor store/gourmet grocery store. They were kinda weird, though, and stared at me funny when I paid by credit card. Apparently you get a discount if you pay by cash. That makes no sense. Too bad I bought tons of Japanese liquor and didn't have enough cash to cover it XD
Anyway... It was nice seeing him again, but it felt tense and akward to me. Talking with either mom OR dad seems tense/akward to me. It shouldn't be.. but I don't want to talk about the wrong thing. Especially after moving out/getting married. Now that I'm apart from them all the time, I've grown as a person, and I'm not the same girl that used to live in the house in Alamo and read fantasy books all the time. That's still me, but I've become much more. Much of what I do now, and what I'm interested in is very specialized, and talking with non-anime/non-costuming people about the stuff that really motivates me would just bore them. On top of that, it feels weird.. because I want to treat my parents with respect, but I also want to talk to them as freinds. For some reason, I suppose I'm still having problems discovering where that line is. I don't feel I've talked to them about anything inappropriate.. but I hate that whenever I call either of them, phone conversations are filled with both of us talking about things the other doesn't entirely understand or is really interested in, followed by long uncomfortable silences. I know they love me, but I also get the very strong feeling they arn't really in the least bit interested in anime conventions, my events at the conventions, or my costuming. This makes me kind of sad, because I feel that Ringo, Makoto& I have worked very hard to establish our panel, and establish ourselves as costumers. I'm not saying that we've set out to become world-famous costuming dorks or anything.. but...
It's very nice to get a free badge to go to a convention and do somthing you love. I'm able to become more involved with a convention, and help in my own small, tiny way to make it more successful and interesting. Sure.. you might think that running a few small events early in the morning doesn't make that much of a difference, but it gives people somthing fun to do, and I think that's what matters the most.

Anyway.. I guess I kind of got off the subject.
While I was at Dad's I ate way way way too much. :( So much chocolate and alcohol, etc. Dad is a gourmand, and I really can't turn down the opportunity to eat his cooking or any of the other stuff that he's got at the house.
I must also say that this is the first time I have broken my exercise routine like this since I have started. So while I'm sad that I missed a few days, I'm still pretty proud of how I've done so far. Not that you can see any difference -..- but I guess it's better than nothing.

Saturday, I headed up to a housewarming party. It was great seeing old freinds again. There were a bunch of people there from the A-kon BBS that I didn't know. There was someone there that I wasn't very happy to meet, either, because of his really nasty comments on the A-kon BBS. He's been pretty damn rude to most people in the J-music section of the BBS, so I tried to avoid talking with him at all. The best part of the housewarming party for me, though, was getting to talk to Bevin, Angel, Yohan, & Loggera again. Bevin paid me 3 bucks to try this nasty guacamole chip, and then I paid her 3 dollars for some shoes out of her trunk XD They're new converse, so shut up XD

Sat night, we headed back to Dad's place, and left for home early Sunday.
Lots of pathetic-sounding phone calls from work. Dammnit. I can't ever get a day off without getting scheduled anyway, having to try to clear it/get someone to cover for me, and being bombarded with phone calls.


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