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OMG! (EBay)

I really didn't want to jinx myself by posting a link earlier.. but I won a cel!
Not just any cel, mind you. I've been looking for a cel of this character for a long time. It's the female robot from the Presence short in Robot Carnival. It's a great cel. It's multi-layer, and it include her head, even though the cel is sticking to the sketch. Her face isn't showing, but it's ok. This cel wasn't listed where everyone normally finds them, so I'm lucky to have won this for such a great price.
I have a few "dream cels" from this short, but I probably won't ever get them. I really want a cel of the tiny flying toy version of this girl, and a cel of the inventor when he is young. I'd also REALLY like to get a decent portrait/head shot/full body of her before she blows up :(
Anyway.. I'm seriously thinking about working on the genga & risking damaging it to put these two cels back together. I hate to mess with sketches when they're adhered to the cels, though >..< I totally destroyed a sketch that way once. (On my NeoRanga cel.. so while I felt bad, I didn't feel THAT bad)

That being said.... I'm winning a bid on a Seikima II plushie in pajamas XD How weird is that?

I'm also losing all my current bids on 1-2 oz white garment grade leather. This is frustrating. I really don't think I'm going to get a good price on leather for this costume. Since I'm leaving tomorrow for Houston, I'm probably going to miss out fighting over some leather this weekend. However.. some very nice looking stuff just got listed. They're large peices... so I'd be able to make my jacket and a bunch of other stuff with it. I'd just have to swallow my um.. frugal-ness? and pay around 75.00 for it. Seems like a lot of money.. but it's for a leather jacket, if that puts it into perspective. The websites I found that sell leather like this want 250 bucks for what I would need to make the jacket.. so if I bought from one of these auctions, I'd be getting a lot more leather than I'd need for a lot, lot less. One auction had some unfinished leather, which means whatever I don't use, I can save for later and maybe dye it for a different costume.

Anyway... enough ebay babbles. If you haven't checked out the photos of my progress on the loli-goth-thingie in last night's late late post, pleast check them out XD


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