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Got some sewing done today

Allright.. remember how I was trying to drag the blue out of the bodice into the rest of the outfit with a black skirt? I think I figured some stuff out.
I ran downn to Jo Anne's and bought some really pretty blue mesh ribbon with gold threads running through the top and bottom. I also bought some GORGEOUS metallic gold lace type trim. It doesn't look like that nasty gold trim I got for the Millenia stuff. Not cheap mylar-ish material. It actually almost looks like wrought metal.. so it's really pretty. Anyway.. I made a blue underskirt with scalloped edges (and that was a bitch.... let me tell you. ) Then, to cover the seam where I attacked the scalloped fringe to the skirt, I attached the gold lace trim. Now, to bring that design into the bodice, I decided NOT to split the skirt up the sides after all.. and to use this same blue ribbon on the sleeves. (I've started ths sleeves, but I don't have photos yet) I'm going to line the bells of the sleeves with blue satin, and I'm thinking about putting the gold trim along the bottom of the INSIDE of the sleeve, so when it opens, it'll look cool and mirror the underskirt. It may be too much, though, so I haven't decided. The sleeves arn't done because I don't have any blue satin, and I gotta go back down to Jo Anne's. In any case...I decided I didn't want to let the waistband of the skirt out because I was working out, and it was only a little bit snug when I closed it.. but then I forgot that I've got two petticoats and a bodice UNDERNEATH the top black skirt, so it looks like I've got to take the damned thing out anyway. I did a LOT of work trimming that black skirt so that the length was uniform all the way around, and that the hem was neater. It looks a lot better than it did here, in my opinion. I just gotta let out some of the darts in the waistband to allow for the billion layers of crap I have underneath it.
So.. without further adieu, I present photos!
They're a bit blurry, though. My camera is almost dead and needs to be charged.
Look! My new boots are so cool!!

I'm thinking about taking some of that blue ribbon and cris-crossing it over the boots, starting between the heel and the platform (like a stirrup), but I don't know how to keep it up. If I end up going with blue fishnets over black opaque hosiery anyway, though, the criss-crosses over the boots will either carry the fishnet pattern down, or be incredibly redundant.

I still have to go to a local beauty world shop and get some curly hair extensions, though... >..<

So yeah. There you go, Bevin! The underskirt was completely inspired by you.

I think I have just enough black fabric left to make myself a black pleated skirt for Yukari. I don't know if I'll have enough for a waistband on the skirt, though.. but since it's getting covered by kimono, I can put a different type of black fabric there, and everything will be peachy.

I really wanted to update earlier, but the internet crapped out sometime around 1pm today, and just now came back up. It's been incredibly depressing, though, because Akuma hasn't been able to play iRO. Because of this, he's been a little irritable and depressed because he can't do what he wants to on his week off. :( It's back up now, though. I could tell him, and he would probably wake up and play.. but he'd still be upset becase it came up when I am finally getting sleepy, so we won't be able to play together XD


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