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Boots came in today. This means I can now finish things like pants for Yu~ki. Bought more suiting today, so I can start on that. I also bought some nice trim for the loli costume. If I get a lot of sewing done, I should be able to finish the skirt for that today.

The boots are so nice! The plats are pretty tall, but they are very comfy to walk in, and I think they are going to be very comfortable for continued con-wear. Unfortunately, I have the same problem I have with all boots- My calves are too big for them to zip all the way up. However.. they're really close... and stretchier than some others I've tried on, so I think that by A-kon they should fit just fine. I can get them up to the very top, but not through the band. I might be able to if I had someone hold the ends shut.. XD But I'm going to try to avoid that. They don't have as much calf room as the PVC ones that I used for Millenia, so I'm a little depressed that I had to cut those up for that costume XD Oh well. Calf room in boots has ALWAYS been an issue for me. Even when I was in highschool, I had problems with boots that wern't made of stretchy synthetic materials because regular/synthetic leather boots don't stretch. Gotts get the plastic stretchy stuff :/
Oh well. At the rate I'm going, should be fine next month.

I also bought more white suiting for general costume use. I used up that bit of a bolt I bought a few weeks ago, so I needed more. I also bought some really REALLY nice trim for the Loki-goth-thingie.. so maybe if I get the skirt done tonight, I can dye it tonight and get it ready for trim tomorrow. Have to wait and see. I forgot to buy elastic for a waist band, and interfacing for the scalloped edges, and a pattern for a fitted coat (for Yu~ki) and all sorts of other stuff I was supposed to remember... but anyway...if I make the scallops on the underskirt shallow enough, I shouldn't need the interfacing.. and more than likely, I can dig up some elastic around here... SOMEWHERE XP
Anyway.. now that I have these boots, I can make Yu~ki pants, measure the length of the overskirt, etc.. and truly get the sewing part of that costume started. I also should have nearly everything I need to complete the loli-goth-thingie and Yukari. If I get all of these finished by the end of this month to the middle of next month, I should have enough time for either Baiken or Bebedora. More than likely.. I'll procrastinate, and things will go to heck. But you never know.. heh.

Oh yeah. That reminds me. I still need to buy/make pants for the Iron Cosplay costume, alter that dress a little, and buy a big hideous blue flower for the front.

Things are actually going pretty well with the costume stuff.. despite the fact that I should be getting more done with the time I have. I hope to get a lot done tonight and tomorrow, though, and we'll see where that leaves me by the end of the week. Going to Houston for Angel's housewarming party.
I'll have to get directions to her place and my dad's place.. but I hope to spend Friday with my Dad, Sat at the party, and then leave Sunday. I know this divides my time up a lot, but at least this way we'll get to spend a little bit of time with everyone.

Ah well. Off to work on costumes!

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