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ahh!! Happiness!

Howkewl.com called my house!
I was really impressed that they called me to let me know the status of my shoes. I emailed them once, and then used the form on their site once..and I was kind of freaking out that I hadn't heard a reply yet...
Then I remembered that Rainbow Feathers may have tried to call me back on the status of my yellow rooster badger hackles, so I checked the answering machine. The first message on there (probably from last weds or thurs!!) was from howkewl, and the explained that they were having problems with AOL and their email spam blocker, so many people who listed AOL email addresses wern't receiving the order confirmations they should have gotten. So.. my order processed, and apparently it's already ready to be shipped XD (Should be leaving today/Monday) I feel so bad for emailing twice when they answered RIGHT AWAY the first time XD
So.. what did I do? I pestered them again. XD I was so happy to hear from them, I emailed them and complimented them on their customer service. :)
I am so happy! Now all I need to do is get my leather and feathers and I can finish Yu~ki.

I also managed to max out my job level on my battle aco today. (More geektalk about Ragnarok online, but this is a pretty big milestone) You can level up in two different ways in this game. Your regular level, and your job level.. which gives you skill points depending on your job. I made a battl aco.. so she could turn into a super-cool kickass monk on the 23rd. (when they put the monks in the game.. heh) I was working on getting all 50 job levels on her... and I'd been working on it for a long time. You only have to have 40 to change into somthing else.. but I wanted to get all 50. It took forever, but today, I did it!

Two posts from me back-to-back. Sorry :O

Edit: For those of you who don't remember, or didn't know... these are the shoes I'm getting, in the black matte.
I was going to say somthing else, too.. but the shoe news has made me very happy!

EditEdit: Oh yeah! The other thing I was forgetting...
Talked to programming @ A-kon, and we are go for Iron Cosplay and the Cosplay Round Table discussion panel. Due to the nature of some of the new elements we are adding to Iron Cosplay, I requested that it be placed on Saturday so that all three of us can make it to the panel. I am hoping the costuming round table will be on Sat. as well, but I won't know when we're scheduled or what out times will be yet. As soon as I know, though, I will be making an official announcement in the PW livejournal. I should probably contact animefest soon, too.. heh At least I have a bit longer to procrastinate on THAT, though.


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