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A little costuming every day means....

um.. less to procrastinate on later? It all depends on whether or not I get all the materials I need to finish these costumes in time for A-kon >..<

Anyone here ordered from howkewl.com? If so.. I need to talk to you.

Mako- do you have any pvc leftover from Sherry? If so, can I have the scraps for my loli-goth thingie? XD The blue and black should be perfect for the "applique" roses I want to do.. and due to the nature of the pattern I'm making, if you think there are any tiny scraps at all in those boxes that you're willing to part with, they'll work just fine.

Costuming stuff
Ok.. so, yesterday, I started working on the underskirt for the loli-goth thingie. That takes up pretty much the last of the white suiting. It made 2 kimono and an underskirt... and it was around 7 yards. Great.. but I don't think I have enough. I forgot that I do have to come upwith an obi yet for the kimono. Not a problem, though. I have lots of white fabric.. I'm sure I'll find 2 yards of somthing in there that will work. (Granted the Yukari costume has an obi.)

I hate to admit it, but I'm still missing materials, and I'll have to head down to Jo-anne's for some stuff. Elastic, trim, maybe some lace... those sorts of things. Probably some more white suiting. Hell if I know. I will probably do it Tues. Gotta go to the bank anyway.

I'm still trying to get leather for Yu~ki's jacket. It doesn't need sleeves.. but it is a complex design.. so I need quite a bit. A chunk with at least 30 sq feet on it should be fine. Until then, though, I should probably work on drafting a pattern on muslin so it will be ready to go when I finally do find it.

Anyway.. on to some more general thoughts...

Why are so many people afraid to back up their own convictions? It's a sad thing when a person is ashamed of what they say, or just don't have the strength to back up what they beleive in. What I say.. for good or ill.. I back up. I have my faults, and I am stubborn. If I can be proven wrong, I will appologize for any hurt feelings. However.. as soon as the words come out of my mouth, nothing can take them back. You have to learn to own up to what you say, and stand by it. I think the same goes for my journal here. There are posts I lock to freinds.. but I don't delete entries or comments. What is said is said, and it has to be lived with.
There was a girl I got into a minor argument with the other day. She was from where I used to live, and I did not hide how much I hated that place. Instead of just leaving it at a "don't make fun of the place I live. I like it there, shut up," she wanted to start a fight. No ammount of arguing is going to sway me over somthing I feel so strongly about. Finally, I just got tired of it, and dropped the subject. I felt like everything I was saying was going straight over her head. I wasn't arguing to try to force her to hate the place as much as I do. I was fighting to get her to understand at least a little bit why I felt the way I did. I wasn't looking to sway opinions or move the earth. I was just defending and justifying the way I felt. But.. Like I said. I really don't think she wanted to hear any of it. Which is fine. Subject dropped. No more trouble. Since I've been having problems getting random comments emailed to me, though, I've been checking up on every journal I can remember replying in to see if there was anything else I needed to say to the people I was talking to. Much to my surprise, she deleted everything she said to me! What the heck?

The only time I've ever had somthing deleted was when I apparently said somthing to Derrek that he apparently didn't like.(yeah. The Infamous DBZ/Megaman with no dance belt cosplayer who is dating Alysa-chan, and threatens to beat everyone yup)
I didn't insult him, I just asked him why he was bringing drama to this community I was in. Well, he deleted my post since it was in a thread he'd started XD
While I may have deleted a thing or two in the past, I honestly don't recall. I feel strongly enough in what I say that if I hit that "Update Journal" or "post comment" button.. it's there for better or for worse. You can't live life running away from everything. Especially your own words. I'm hanted by my fair share of guilt in things I have said that I probably shouldn't.. or things I have said that have been taken out of context and caused trouble... but I will live it down and weather the storm. I mean.. if you can't beleive in and back up what you say.. what do you beleive in? IMO, true strength comes from within. It's somthing you draw from yourself. These are the kinds of ethics I have. If it pisses someone off, so be it, but I will not back down. Obviously not everyone will feel the same way as I do.. but it seems like such a cowardly thing to not have the courage to live down what you say, or stand up for what you beleive in, great or small.


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