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Costume day?

Yeah, today was going to be a costume day, right?
Well, a freind came over, and we hung out and watched some movies. I didn't really spend the entire day working on costumes, but I did get the kitchen & the living room cleaned up, and I actually got some sewing done today.

I made the first white kimono for my Yukari costume! I had to use some different white suiting.. it's not the same as the spring suiting.. and not as soft. It's still nice, but I'm sad that it's not the spring suiting XD

Zoi- If you see this- I really hate to be a bother.. but I am a dork :P Your freind Yuki no ningyo has a freinds only journal with no email address listed, and apparently no email notification when somene replies to her comments, so I haven't been able to get in touch with her on Yukari reference photos. I was a complete moron, and forgot to save the photo you posted (to my HD), and now it's not up anymore XD
If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could post it again? or email it to me? I don't remember if Yukari had a big obi on... or some other type of kimono closure... and what the cut of the top kimono looked like. I thought it was different and more angular.. but it might have been hanging open. I really don't remember.

Ragnarok Online is getting the Juno/2-2 update on the 23rd! I try not to post about iRO too terribly often in my journal.. but this is somthing I'm excited about. I've spent a lot of time working an acolyte to high level so that when the patch hits, she will be ready to become a monk. I've been waiting a long time for it, and the patch is finally on it's way!


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