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Feathers!!! XD

OK, I called Rainbow Feathers up today. They were super nice!
They need to get back to me on the badger hackles, though. It's the main yellow/black feather in the Yu~ki wig and the bracelets.. so I REALLY need those, and I haven't been able to find any... so they're talking to their people to see if they can help me. I went ahead and have them the long list of stuff I needed anyway.. and it looks like this feather order is going to be over 100 bucks -..-
The feathers I'm getting will cover the following:
Yu~ki There will probably be extras, but that's ok. I'm getting some nice stripped coque and some regular coque to accent the costume. The stripped is coming in black and yellow.... and it should cover the bits that I've seen poking out... I bought a bunch of white pointers at the craft store for the body of the costume, but I'm accenting those with regular coque in both yellow and white. :D
Haibane Renmei I got the same ammount of feathers Makoto& Ringo got for their Full Moon costumes.. so I should be able to make two really full sets of Haibane wings out of this. May or may not be for A-kon, though. It depends on when the feathers come in, and how long it takes me to make wings.
Loligoth thingie I need to come up with a name for this dress :O Anyway.. my sketch incorporated some small black feather wings.. so I got enough again for two sets. I will make two.. and probably sell the second one. The cost on the wings is probably going to be between 21-25 bucks per set... and I figured if I could forego ordering the feathers and finding a pre-fab set for around the same cost, I'd be happy. However, most of the ones I've seen are your regular angel-costume halloweeny types in black. I don't think those are very cute. I want cute wings. :P So I am going to make my own, darn it. Then, I can sell the extra pair on ebay or somthing. 35 bucks doesn't seem too bad for handmade wings that won't look cheap.. so I think I can get at least that much or more for them. Who knows? Anyway.. I'll have them at least. Knowing me, though.. I'll get my 1 set of black wings done.. then maybe 2 sets haibane, and I'll be too lazy to make the last pair. I declare this A-kon feather-con!

In other news.. I managed to get the weekend of Angel's housewarming party off. (I was scheduled Sat, but I worked somthing out withthe bossman, and I'll be working tonight from 4pm-9pm)

So.. today is not costume day. Maybe tomorrow.
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