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No major updates... but.. What the heck??

I don't seem to be getting all my comments emailed to me. I know this because the comments/reply count on my newer posts keeps going up.. yet I'm only being emailed with SPAM replies to older posts. This is really freakin weird.
If you want to see how absolutely rediculous this is getting, check it out here

The post is from LAST NOVEMBER, but I've received at least 4 comments within the last month on it from people trying to advertize crap. What the heck?!?

Meanwhile, I've been posting new things in my personal journal and commenting in other's journals. But the replies I'm getting emailed back to me seem to be random, and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting everything. It's hard to hold a discussion in older topics without the email feature. I'm just so used to it. I've never messed with the client, so I imagine if I did, there would be a way to keep track of things from there.. but I'm so used to the email comment option..


If you've replied to me with ANYTHING within the past week or so.. and I haven't replied back, I probably never got it! :O

Costume news:
Emailed Howkewl.com and asked them "WTF?"
I was supposed to get an order confirmation after I ordered my Yu~ki shoes. I never did. If it's somthing that can be cleared up this week, that's great.. but I need to know whether or not the shoes are coming so I can order some from a different site if I need to. I don't want to wear my old plats with all my VKish costumes this year.

Emailed ranbowfeatherco.com and asked them... A BUNCH OF STUFF
I don't know when I will get a reply, since it doesn't seem like they have a large web staff, but it's ok. I asked a bunch of questions about custom-colored feathers. If they can come through for me on my yellow rooster badger hackles, I'll be placing a large order (large for me at least) from them. If not, I will find the remainder of what I need in town, and put off bulk feather purchases until later.

I had a great idea for the underskirt on the loli-costume thanks to Bevin. I think I am going to either get some blue lace doilies, or make somthing out of fabric.. but I want to have blue triangle-shaped frilly fancy things on the end of the underskirt, sticking out beyont the skirt. I think this will draw the color down well and look good. I didn't explain well, but trust me. If I can get the blues to match, it will work wonderfully.

Tomorrow is a costume day!


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