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Hmm. Maybe I can fix this with tons of frilly lace....

Allright. I did some sewing today. I made a huge frankenpetti. It's my first petticoat, and I think I did ok. It's not perfect, but after I get an underskirt, etc, no one will be able to see it anyway.
I'm somewhat at an impasse now, though. I still plan to make the dress similar to this
But I've already decided on a few changes. I'm not going to put the 4 slits in the front and back.. I'm just going to put 2 on the sides. No bows, either. The sleeves are still going to happen the way I've planned, though.

The problem, however, is the bodice/skirt combo. The bodice took a teeny bit of dye.. but it's still very blue. I already had all the black suiting for the skirt and sleeves, though. I noticed when I was rinsing out the black dye that it was rinsing very purplish.. so I'm thinking the RIT black has a lot of indigo in it... which may be why it didn't take too well. That... and this mystery fabric is probably some weird blend of polyester that doesn't like me.
I was able to get my hands on some RIT color remover, though.. so if I buy another bottle of black, I can try to get this thing lighter and then try dying it black again.
The other option is scrapping the bodice completely. (Well, putting it in a pile and saving it for later) And then.. sewing another one from scratch. I don't really want to do this because the blue bodice that Ringo made is very nice and already has lining and boning in it... however.. I need to come up with some creative solutions on how to tye the blue and black together if I want to use it and can't make it black. As you can see here and here the color difference is pretty stark, and just photographs even more brightly... so I can't just leave a contrast like that. I don't like the way it looks.

What I have planned so far is this:
Make an underskirt in a color closest to the bodice I can find. Use the slits on the sides of the skirt to show off the blue underneath and hopefully bring the bodice colors down into the skirt. In addition, make a blue design such as a rose or cross or somthing else loli-tacky for the front of the skirt. There is a possibility, IMO, that I can make a rose garland design that runs from the top left corner of the bodice to the bottom right corner of the skirt.. where the top left is black and the bottom right is blue. I think that would tie the colors into themselves. My first choice on these designs would be PVC vinyl or pleather.
Similarly, the sleeves will get the same treatment... black sleeves that have slits in the fronts.. and bright blue lining, or a blue underskirt... with a matching blue design on the top of the black armband that holds the sleeves up.

The kneehigh boots I am getting are matte black.. which doesn't bring ANY blue down to the ground. I would need to add perhaps some boot jewelry in blue, or a blue satin garter to help bring the blue down from the top to the bottom of the garment.
Black feather wings with blue highlights would be nice, but I don't know if I'm going to get a chance to make wings... and I don't like the shapes of the store-bought ones.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Blah. Yukari is just a bunch of white kimonos. Maybe I will go work on that one now XP


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