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Ugh! So horrible!

When I turned on the PS2 today to play my requisite hour of DDR.....

The game said my save file was corrupted T..T

Bah. This means I have to unlock all the cool extra songs over again... and re-do all my scors. I mean.. the game still plays the same, but I liked the feeling of having everything unlocked. Plus..the LAST thing we unlocked was Nonstop mode.... which I thought was really cool! It basically plays all the songs, and never stops. It's a great way for me to get my whole hour in because I don't have to screw around with choosing a song to play. Since that idea was shot to hell... I ended up having to use workout mode, and set it for an hour. It still made me choose the songs myself, though, so after I'd played an hour, it said I'd only had 30 min of actual songtime. Screw you DDR. It was an hour XP

My calves were sooo sore when I woke up today. After I DDR'ed and stretched, though, they loostened up. I know they'll hurt tomorrow, but right now, I feel pretty good. I still have to get my weights and situps worked in tonight, but I have plenty of time.

In costuming news..


The mystery fabric the silky bodice is made from didn't take any dye! >:O
I mean.. it turned darker.. and it's a pretty color XD But I have all this black suiting that will clash with this royal/midnight blue top. And I'm kinda lazy... but unfortunately, it looks like I may be making a new top for this outfit after all. blah. I'm going to see if there's somthing I can do with this top first, though. Who knows.. it may yet be salvagable. Too bad the only things that dyed black on that thing were the zipper and the interfacing XD


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