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Yesterday I played nearly a solid hour of DDR. Today, I plan to do the same. Yesterday, I played some standard mode songs, and then played probably 30+ min of light mode songs on endless, so I wasn't stopping every 3 min to pick a song I wanted to dance to. I want to try endless in standard, but I don't know if I can pass all the songs yet. I'm not as good as my little brother, but at least I have fun with it :)
Akuma made me a steak for breakfast (but, I guess it was lunch? It was around noon, but that's when I woke up... XD ) and then I tottered off to work. When I got home, Fed Ex had left a package with one of our neighbors. I must say that I've been living in this neigborhood for approx 3 years.. and I do not know my neigbors! It's a sorry state of affairs, but on the other hand, I don't much mind being a hermit.
Anyway.. I had to go to the neighbor's place to pick up the package. Truth be told, I was a little nervous, but there was an older woman there who was very nice, and we chatted for a bit before I ran off. The box is pretty big, and I'm not allowed to poke around or look at it too much because it's an anniversary present XD Oh well!
Speaking of which....I finally wrapped Akuma's anniversary present (last night)... and I hope he likes it. I know he sometimes reads this at night, so I can't say what I got him or I'll spoil the surprize :X
After my package adventure, I notices that I FINALLY got my iRO installation disk in. This makes me happy. Now.. I already have the game installed on all machines, and we already have two accounts.. but you never know when you need to put the game on a computer.. and it's much nicer than having to download it. ^..^
I also remembered to take my vitamin today, and make a kickass garden salad-
cucumbers, sunflower seeds, dried tomato, bacon bits, croutons, carrots, cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, smoked ham, cherry tomatoes, and ranch dressing. It was wonderful.. and wonderful that I can make somthing that tastes so good that is so much better than snacking on junk.

I made a CRAPLOAD of sushi the other day, too, but that's a whole other adventure. There's been a lot more going on since I've had regular visitors. While I haven't been costuming that much, I feel less lonely :) Unfortunately, I think the visitor thing has run its course for now. Have to wait and see.


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