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Update on Yu~ki

You guys probably won't get to see any photos of the wig tonight. I spent much of the afternoon driving around town and hitting craft & fabric stores looking for the shit that goes on top of the wig, and came up empty-handed.
The two major things I needed were strings of those white/tan-ish floral crap that look similar to chenille straws/woogly pipecleaners... except, they are not as thick, much softer, etcetc. I couldn't find any at Hobby Lobby or Jo Anne's. I didn't try Michaels... but as I don't even know what that stuff is called, I'm going to have problems.

No places in town have very good selections of craft feathers. I'll try Michaels tomorrow for what I need.. and if they don't have it, I'll probably end up calling Rainbow Feathers sooner than I had planned.
I need to email the guy in charge of the place and see if I can get somthing similar to the yellow-black feathers Yu~ki has. I don't see pictures of anything similar on the site. I might be able to get chicken hackles or somthing with yellow bottoms and black tops. I don't know. I'll have to email the guy and find out what I can do. I think it's going to be a pretty big order, though, because I'll end up getting probably:
Turkey Feathers:
~~1/2 lb tom wing rounds, rights Ash grey
~~1/2 lb tom wing rounds, lefts Ash grey
~~1/2 lb tom wing rounds, rights Black
~~1/2 lb tom wing rounds, lefts Black
~~1 lb of that other floofy one in Ash grey
~~1 lb of that other floofy one in Black
Chicken Feathers:
~~1/2 lb of the yellow/black combo if I can get it.. it's probably chicken.. maybe pheasant
~~5 inches of stripped coque in black

And that should hopefully take care of a few pairs of Haibane wings, a few pairs of black wings, and my Yu~ki costume.

Maybe tonight I will do a test run on the makeup and just toss the yellow curly thing on my head for the heck of it.. but I certainly won't have the wig done anytime soon if I want it to look accurate


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