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Not much going on here

I worked today. Not too eventful.. but Sonyman came! Our Sony/Playstation 2 representative stopped by.. and whenever reps stop by, that can only mean one thing: Lots of cool swag! So, I managed to make out with a really cool PS2 metal pencil cup, a nice lanyard, a window decal, and a pen. I also got a capcom Megaman anniversary polo shirt. (Too bad it's electric blue, butI can wear it to work.. so why not?)

Yay for free stuff!

Tomorrow I plan on swinging by the craft store and maybe the fabric store. I want to finish the Yu~ki wig soon so that I can take pictures to show you guys. When I showed the wig to Akuma, he just laughed and said it looked very silly XD Well.. yeah. Told you the wig was perfect.. heh.
If I can get the wig done, though.. I have all the makeup I need to practice makeup and take a photo with the wig on. That, in itself, is 50% of the costume anyway, so I am happy about that.

I had a lot of fun when Puu and Mizz were visiting.. and this weekend my little brother Ray is stopping by. I've had lots of visitors lately, and it's really nice having someone to talk to when Akuma's not around.. and someone new to discuss things with. It's cutting into my costume time a little bit, but as long as I keep plugging away at it, everything I want to do should be done by A-kon. I definitely want to do that Yukari costume because I remembered I have those fishnet gloves... and while wearing panyhose on your arms works just fine, I have actual gloves (holds up longer) that I can use on that, and I already have those black tights... Just need to make a few white kimono (1 under kimono and a nicer lined one, for certain) and get a few hair extensions, and that costume is basically finished. I also need to order my vinyl boots.. which I'll do any day now. I was planning on waiting until the wig came in. It's here now, so I'll order the boots. The boots will work for Yu~ki, Yukari (probably. Need to check reference photos, but it will probably be fine), and my Loligoth outfit.. really saving me suitcase room. I'm excited about getting them in. Since they'll be coming from howkewl, though, there's a very good chance I won't get them until the last possible second.

I'm really very enthusiastic about my costumes for A-kon this year. It looks like I will have many comfortable costumes.. and wearing so much white will be refreshing too, I think.


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