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more costume stuff? dunno, who cares, etcetc

Waco has a Krispy Kreme now, so Jeff can't use it as an excuse not to visit anymore :P

Gothic Lolita Outfit-
I ripped out the ruffles on the Silky bodice today. No turning back now.
Since I did that, I plan on finding the rest of the costume, throwing away all the other peices that arn't re-usable (obi, busted up vinyl necklace.. possible the bracers.. gonna keep the belt buckle, though, and maybe the O-rings)... tear the skirt apart so it's just bare fabric again.. and then I gotta get some black dye and dye that bodice black.

I found some really nice black suiting in my fabric drawers that I had purchased for Akuma's Dread Pirate Roberts costume. Yeah.. the one I messed up on (bad collar, bad front, bad pattern). I bought it for pants, but he used some black slacks.. and since the shirt and boots cover most of the pants, I didn't need to make any....

ANYWAY... I am going to use that pretty black suiting for the skirt and detached sleeves on the Loli outfit.. and I have some nice black vinyl that I will use for some accents. If I had PVC, I'd use that.. but I don't, so I'll use the vinyl, and maybe attach some lace or somthing. You really can't seem to go too wrong with these sorts of outfits and lots of lace

There are other things on my mind now, but nothing really seems to matter right now, ATM. I had a little bit to drink, so I'm feeling mellow, and the things I was thinking a while ago are no longer pressing to be written. Things about the adventures Akuma and I had... I had so much fun doing such stupid things as driving around. I don't think my husband knows how happy he makes me when we just get to DO things together.. get out of the house.

I'm not a people person, really.. but I do like getting out and doing things fun. I've felt so cooped up lately. I feel like I'm wasting my time doing nothing when I could be doing somthing. But... I'm feeling so apathetic, I suppose, that I'm not even doing things around the house that I COULD be doing... like cleaning and costuming.

Those close to me that know what is going on will know why I seem loathe to costume lately, though. And as for the cleaning? I've always been lazy about that. However.. I've been keeping on top of it much more since I moved in with Akuma. I don't mind cleaning up messes when they're ones he and I have made. I always have issues with cleaning up other's messes, though. I only not mind Akuma's. He's special.

I think I'm going to get some sleep.

For all of you in LJ land who have been miserable lately- I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I see pages of bad things happening to people that matter to me. If I could wish constant happiness on you all.. well.. I wouldn't. Everyone needs the hard times to define the good ones, or the good ones mean nothing. I just hope that your good fortune hurries up and gets to you soon.


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