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Cosplay progress and stuff

LoliGoth thing: I've decided that since I'm more than likely retiring my Silky costume, I want to re-use the bodice for my Loligoth outfit. The bodice Ringo made is awesome, and I really don't think I could sell the costume. Seeing someone else wear it would be kinda weird since it was such a huge project that all 3 of us worked very hard on. I suppose it makes less sense to destroy it? Well.. I honestly don't beleive I will ever be wearing it again, and I feel that I can re-use some parts of the costume.. so I think I'm going to rip the frills off the bodice and dye the whole thing black. (Shouldn't give me any trouble, I hope. Otherwise, I'll have to play with it a bit)
Yu~ki: Been bidding on a very, very large snow white skin. I think it's cow, maybe? I don't know, but it looks like it would be nice for the jacket/top thing for Yu~ki. Last night, I ordered the wig. Now I am thinking about boots. Hoping these are very stretchy, I was having a little trouble deciding on a color. Yu~ki's boots look flat and brown. I am definitely altering the shoes. I'm going to wear platforms..and since the whole costume was white, I was thinking about deviating from accuracy and getting white shoes. However.... these particular shoes come in shiny black PVC and black matte as well. I didn't want to drop 50 bucks on a pair of black shoes because I already have the ones I wore with the mana costume.. but I don't have any knee-high boots in tact... (Loved the ones I used for millenia.. then I had to destroy them. Ho Hum) Ringo said that she thought the black matte looked very nice, and I agree. The black matte would be versitile.. and if I scrapped the ideas for shiny PvC on my loligoth outfit and substituted matte vinyl for those parts instead.. I could use the same boots on both costumes.. which would be wonderful, considering what a pain it is to lug around many different pairs of shoes. Also, black matte plats would be re-usable in many, many different costumes... especially if I ever think about making other Yu~ki costumes.. so I think I might get those.

As for the others on the list, I haven't started on any of them yet. I've been planning to get the loligoth& yu~ki costumes finished first, and then worry about the others in the time I have left. Yukari takes my current hair color.. and I'm still hunting reference photos on that one.
Bebedora will take some time, but she's not a priority. Baiken won't take much time at all.. just a good wig.... etcetcetc. Basically, all non-priority costumes with the exception of Bebedora can be made in 1-3 days... so I'm getting the big ones out of the way first.


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