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Lethargy!! Drama!! Games!! RAARR

Edit: Minor rant:

It seems like all of those "OMG I DUN KNOW WUT TO COSPLAY AS THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE" people are taking over the cosplay lj community. I'm having a little trouble understanding them, because they seem to not care what series they cosplay from as long as someone says "OMG U LOOK GOOD AS THIS PERSON." I really don't think I could do that, personally, because for me, half the fun in costuming is deciding what to do, and how to make it. When I first started the cosplay thing, I remember having a brainstorming session with Mako-chan. It was basically.. "Let's think of characters that look kinda like me from series I like." But... for me, it was different, because I was brainstorming with someone I knew trying to find somthing I was familiar with. How can someone make a costume of someone they don't even know or care about? I can understand a few minor mental roadblocks where you can't think of anything you want to costume.. but dang. When I had my "vote on a tattoo" poll, it wasn't "OMG WUT TATTOO LUK GUD ON MEE?" It was "I have these in mind.. voice your opinion" Same with my recent cosplay poll. Ultimately, I had a list of feasable options, and ultimately, I choose what to do. I love feedback and hearing other's opinions, but I wouldn't leave the fate of my cosplay budget... or a permenant body modification... in someone else's hands.
(Incidentally, I still haven't decided on the tattoo. Working on a cancer/pisces drawing I like.)
Anyway... I guess that was today's WTF moment


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