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Still sick....It's really gross. In any case, I've spent the day napping and working on my website. It came to my attention that I've gotten more traffic due to my journal here, so I figured I'd do somthing about the fact that my website really sucks. The past three days, I've been working on it on and off, and it's a bit better I guess... I mean, I really hadn't updated it since before Geocities was bought out by Yahoo, so I figured I might as well give it a good overhaul. There's a little more to do there now.... still not much, though. I got a pop-up on there to advertise the CoK, and made little Sakura Taisen figures to randomly pop up there as well as some tiny moving Lariene musicians. It's really cute, but I wish it could be really good. I should learn HTML. My total extent of HTML training was copying the code for the popup from one website to another. Big wahoo. What I do hope to do, however, is make a bunch of thumbnails for my art and get my art up on the web. It's not fantastic, but everyone needs to be proud of somthing. Besides, I have some gifts I scanned in that I have yet to email to thier respective websites. Ugh. I hate being sick on my days off.


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