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Tomorrow is the day!

Ok.. so..I wander into work to find out when I go in next. Mr. Manager already had me scheduled to work tomorrow.. but I managed to find a really nice guy to cover my shift for me. He apparently also had me workind Sunday, and wanted to ask to see if I would pick up extra hours on Sat. WTF?!?!? I told him flat out I would NOT be in town Sunday. (3pm-7pm? ARGH. Normally we LEAVE the convention around 3) Also had to decline on the extra hours. Any other weekend, and I probably would have jumped for the chance of having extra money. Why is he doing this to me this weekend?? It's not like I sprung the convention on him or anything. I followed HIS procedures and wrote it down in the book. I'm not mad at him, really. It's just frustrating. Blah. Oh well. All worked out in the end, huh?

My previous list was getting messy, but I left it in the other post. I had been updating in this new post, but I have so little left to do I just cut it all. This is all I have left:


~~Millenia (Need to pack waist cincher, wig, and jacket)
~~ChaCha (Need to pack wig)

I do beleive that's all I'm bringing.. But it's a lot. Millenia's wig and jacket need to be carried by hand... Noble takes up a whole trashbag.. as does the Iron Cosplay crap. On top of that, the theme ingredient I am bringing won't fit in the bag :O
Then I have two suitcases, we have a cooler.. some of Makoto's costumes will be hanging from a back window.... All I can say is DAMN. My costumes take up too much room. This summer, I don't want to bring ANYTHING that needs to be carried seperately. If I do bebedora, though.. her crap is huge. Hat& bunny& bag are all big... but if that's the only costume that needs special treatment, it won't be too bad. I think that pretty much means Sizer and Shiva will wait until later. Especially since they will take up a lot of room, and Shiva... well.. not only is that one expensive, but I haven't figured out quite how to break it down safely. (In my head). So far, for A-kon, it looks like Bebedora, Yu~ki, Yukari, and possibly Baiken (Guilty Gear)


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