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Apres Missing

::sigh:: Don't you hate it when things go missing on you? Especially when the item is really important and you can't sleep until you find it, but you know that you can't do anything about it just yet? My Malice Mizer Apres Midi CD single has been missing for quite a long time.. I'm very depressed about it. I'm quite possibly the biggest Malice Mizer fan I know.. and I have the CD single case.. but not the CD! I'm usually *very* good about putting CDs back where they belong... so in three words: This vexes me.
Sadly.. Im still missing an album that would make my happy collection nearly complete. I don't have a commercial copy of Voyage yet.. so that's one more reason for me to be upset about losing that disk... What's more... it's an indies single from the first album where Gackt replaced Tetsu as lead, ne? At least my copy of Ma Chere is in the book, ne? And my MM Doujinshi, manga book, and picture book are all safe and accounted for.. and so are my copies of Mervielles and Memoire DX, and the extra-sized cases.. ::sigh:: But that one renegade CD... I CAN'T have the Apres Midi CD single case without the CD!! (the cutest part is the fact that the 2 MM CD singles I have arn't in cute mini-CD format that most commercial disks are in) Besides...I rather pride myself of my MM collection... and I CAN'T check my other CD cases until I get a break from class tomorrow. I simply don't have access to the cases right now. This Vexes Me

On a lighter note.. I'm still playing BoF4- It's really good.. but I've already missed so much stuff... and had to use the walkthru off the net a few times already as well.... ::shruggs:: Oh well. It's not as if THAT disk is missing as well...


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