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Gotta Finish ChaCha tonight. No excuses. Gotta finish.

I made the shoes today, though. I think they look very silly, but Akuma says they look great. I'm not going to bother with photos because you'll get to see some next week :P

What I have left to do on my Chacha costume:

~~Finish Blouse: I meant to have this done yesterday, but I HATE collars with a passion. Especially since I have a very bad habit of not using patterns. I need to put the other cuff on and make the collar.

~~Make the big red bow for the middle: I don't have much courderoy left. I mean.. if all the little scraps were one big peice, it'd probably be a yard. Until then.. I'm lucky to make a huge bow out of it.

~~bring some gold cording and super glue: Mako said she was going to make my necklace. If she made it, I'll stick it on the gold cording I originally bought when I thought I was going to have some of that crimson velveteen left over from Millenia. (I was going to make a purse)

Then.. ChaCha is finished! Her apron REALLY needs to get ironed.. but I'll do that at the con.

Things I need to do TOMORROW:

~~Finish the ChaCha list
~~Take rental back to Hastings& return Offspring CD (We acidentally bought the "clean" copy. I want my swearwords.)
~~Go to work: I don't actually have to work. I jsut want to sell back this gameboy color I found in the closet, and find out when I work next
~~Go grocery shopping for the con. Need food so I don't waste money
~~Pack: I've been doing this as I go along, but I have a lot left to do
~~Empty kitty litter
~~take out trash
~~wash all dirty dishes so they don't get nasty when we're gone
~~Go to Jo Anne's and buy black fleece, so I can make my silly Deviruchi hat
~~Repair Kurei costume& pack it
~~VEET myself XD Someone brought me a can, and we didn't use it.. so she took it home. So.. I bought my own, and here's for praying I don't get chemical burns on my legs
~~Rub a copious ammount of bright red hairdye through my hair: I have some manic panic left. It doesn't last long, but if it takes to what I have now, it'll give some fun highlights for the rare occassion I'm not wearing a wig. Better bring a spare towel, since hotels always have white ones
~~Find as many peices of Aoi as humanly possible for Makoto (found them all)
~~Time allowing.. make said silly Deviruchi hat
~~Make sure there is duct tape& 2 pairs of scissors in Iron Cosplay bag
~~Make sure I'm not forgetting to pack anything people told me to bring:
```````````2 Japanese textbooks for my brother
```````````The rest of my Noble Remnants for Elya
```````````Costumes for other people

I know I'm forgetting things.. but I can't be bothered with it now. I need to see how much of tomorrow's stuff I can get out of the way tonight.


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